How to Fix the Overwatch 2 Watchpoint Pack Not Working

Why aren't your Watchpoint Pack rewards showing up?

by Diego Perez , Noah Nelson


The Watchpoint Pack for Overwatch 2 contains a ton of cool stuff including immediate access to the beta, but some players are finding that the pack isn’t working or showing up on their system after purchasing it.

It’s an annoying issue, especially since Overwatch 2 is now officially out and people are still receiving problems with the Watchpoint Pack. But thankfully, there’s an easy fix. Here’s how to fix the Watchpoint Pack not showing up or working in Overwatch 2.

How to Fix the Watchpoint Pack Not Working in Overwatch 2

First off, you need to confirm that you bought the Watchpoint Pack. The Watchpoint Pack costs USD$40 on all platforms and is not a free DLC for all Overwatch 1 players. Overwatch 1 players will get immediate access to Kiriko, but not the Watchpoint Pack.

If you purchase the Watchpoint Pack, you should be able to launch into Overwatch 2 and get the exclusive skins and bonuses. Some console players on PS4 or Xbox One are worried since the system prompts them to download the first Overwatch after purchasing the Watchpoint Pack.

After deciding for yourself if the Watchpoint Pack is worth it, you may receive problems downloading it in Overwatch 2. To fix those problems, simply make sure that you aren’t attempting to play Overwatch 1.

Overwatch 1 has been laid to rest, meaning that you won’t be able to play it ever again. You need to download Overwatch 2 to access your Watchpoint Pack. Since Overwatch 1 isn’t playable anymore, Watchpoint Pack only works on Overwatch 2.

Before you launch into the game, make sure you’ve updated your Overwatch 2 file. Launch the game and you should see the Watchpoint Pack available to you.

What Does the Watchpoint Pack Come With?

The Watchpoint Pack includes cosmetic items for Overwatch 2. Here’s a full breakdown of everything the pack includes:

  • Arrive in Style with two (2) Overwatch 2 Legendary Hero Skins
  • Early Purchase Exclusive: Overwatch 2 Player Icon
  • Gear up with 2000 Overwatch 2 Virtual Currency
  • Get a Head Start with the Premium Battle Pass for Season 1

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Overwatch 2 will be released on October 4 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on October 4th, 2022

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