How To Get ASAP Rocky’s Mercedes 190-E In Need For Speed Unbound

Want this awesome car? Find out how to unlock it here!

by Shaun Cichacki

Featured prominently in the advertising for Need For Speed Unbound, this one-of-a-kind Mercedes-Benz can soon be yours in the city of Lakeshore. However, gamers hoping to get their hands on a fully pimped-out version of this car may be slightly disappointed.

Much like the standard boss character in a fighting game or RPG, when players finally unlock this car, it is nowhere near its full potential. However, with some TLC and performance upgrades, players will soon find that this car is secretly a beast and a half. Find out how to finally unlock this vehicle, and how it stacks up against some of the other cars available in-game!

How To Unlock ASAP Rocky’s Mercedes-Benz in Need For Speed Unbound


As players continue through the wild and wacky world of Need for Speed Unbound, they’ll soon be challenged with one of the hardest races of their careers. Players will be prompted with the opportunity to take on ASAP Rocky in a one-on-one for ownership of his newly famous ride. However, a few players have skipped over this on accident, due to the high buy-in price, and the vehicle being listed as a B-Tier vehicle.

Now, the reason that players have unknowingly skipped over this particular race is the lack of appeal for a $64,000 Buy-In for a B-Tier car. What players don’t realize, however, is that the B-Tier car is actually the iconic Mercedes-Benz 190E that ASAP Rocky is driving. It’s just a very gutted version of the car, but players will be able to make it the monster it deserves to be thanks to the plethora of performance mods available for it. Just make sure you pair it up with the ASAP Rocky Horn for the best look and sound in the game.

Now that you’ve unlocked plenty of safe houses, and gotten your hands on plenty of new vehicles, players will be ready to own Lakeshore. With the sheer amount of variety in this new world, there is more than enough to keep gamers on their toes and their pedal to the metal.

Need For Speed Unbound is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on December 2nd, 2022