How to Get Chinese Chomping Cabbage in Hogwarts Legacy

This nightmare fuel plant will come in handy in sticky situations.

by Michelle Cornelia
How to Get Chinese Chomping Cabbage in Hogwarts Legacy

The combat mechanics in Hogwarts Legacy is one of the game’s most exciting features. Other than using a wide range of spells to attack and potions to boost your magic, the game also lets you use various items to be thrown at your enemies. One of which is the Chinese Chomping Cabbage, a deadly plant that looks like a regular cabbage at first but sports a terrifying set of teeth and large leaves that can chew and chase enemies upon being released. If you’re interested in using one to help you during battle, make sure you know how to get the Chinese Chomping Cabbage in Hogwarts Legacy!

Where to Buy Chinese Chomping Cabbage in Hogwarts Legacy

The easiest way to get Chinese Chomping Cabbage is to purchase it from Dogweed and Deathcap, a shop located on the north side of Hogsmeade. You can buy Chinese Chomping Cabbage from the shop for 300 Galleons. Although it’s a hefty price, this is the most convenient way to obtain this plant. If you have more money to spend, it’s better to just buy the Chinese Chomping Cabbage seed for 600 Galleons so you can farm it yourself and save more money in the long run.

How to Grow Chinese Chomping Cabbage in Hogwarts Legacy

Alternatively, you can also grow Chinese Chomping Cabbage using a medium size pot in the Room of Requirement. This is a much more cost-effective approach and will allow you to obtain an infinite supply of the plant to use during fights. However, you’ll need to invest some time in this, as it takes time for the plant to grow. Unlike brewing potions that generally only take 30 seconds, you’ll need to wait 12 minutes for your Chinese Chomping Cabbage to be fully grown. While you wait, you can use that time to visit your Vivarium and take care of your beasts.

That sums up how you can get Chinese Chomping Cabbage in Hogwarts Legacy. This throwable plant can inflict damage on enemies, creating distractions that will allow you to heal or use potions for a short time. It can be purchased in Dogweed and Deathcap, located on the north side of Hogsmeade, or you can grow them yourself. Having a supply of Chinese Chomping Cabbage is a great way to survive any battle you might come across in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 11th, 2023