How to Get Mandrake in Hogwarts Legacy

Hope you brought your earmuffs.

by Noah Nelson

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with interesting ingredients like Ashwinder Eggs that can be hard to find. One of the more difficult things to find in Hogwarts Legacy is a Mandrake. A Mandrake isn’t merely an ingredient for a potion but a combat tool used to stun nearby enemies with its screech. Here’s how to find them.

All Mandrake Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Like the Venemous Tentacula, the Mandrake is a useful combat plant that you can use as long as you have some on hand. That means that you’ll need to find them first.

The most consistent way to find Mandrakes is by searching the Forbidden Forest. Wild Mandrakes are extremely hard to find, but you can stumble upon bundles of Mandrakes within the Forbidden Forest.

Easy Method to Get Mandrakes in Hogwarts Legacy

If you don’t want to go wandering around the Forbidden Forest looking for Mandrakes (I don’t blame you), then there is an easy method to getting Mandrakes that you can use instead.

You can always buy a Mandrake for the price of 500 Galleons at Dogweed and Deathcap, but that is pretty expensive. Money is hard to come by in Hogwarts Legacy, so we don’t recommend buying Mandrakes straight up unless you just need one.

To not waste all of your money on things you can get for free, you’ll want to purchase the Mandrake seeds at Dogweed and Deathcap and then purchase the medium and large pot spellcrafts from Tomes and Scrolls.

With these things acquired, return to your Room of Requirement and place your new medium and large pot planter tables anywhere. You can then pot your Mandrake seeds and wait for them to grow. This will take some time, but you can always use fertilizer to speed up the process.

Getting Mandrakes through the seed and potting process takes longer and requires more money upfront, but once you have it, then you can create as many Mandrakes as you want as well as other useful plants like the Venemous Tentacula and Fluxweed Stems.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It will be available on April 4, 2023, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on July 25, 2023, on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on February 9th, 2023