How to Get the Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest

That's a nice looking jacket!

by Amitesh Dhar
Image: Endnight Games

The winter jacket is one of the many items you will require in order to survive the harsh climate of the island in Sons of the Forest. As the name suggests, this jacket is essential if you want to stay warm during chilly nights. But where do you find this jacket?

Where to Find the Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest

It’s relatively easy to find this jacket on the island. Towards the center of the island, there is a waterfall. The map given below will help you figure out the approximate location of the waterfall in question. Once at this landmark, there’s an abandoned campsite.


There should be two tents at the aforementioned campsite. Inside one of these tents, you will find a decomposing corpse. The winter jacket can be found beside this corpse in Sons of the Forest. To acquire it, all you need to do is interact with it, and the jacket will be added to your inventory. To equip it, interact with the item in your inventory.

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Reaching this spot from the forest spawn point is rather easy. However, if you end up spawning at one of the other spawn points on the island, you might have to travel a bit to pick up this jacket. Either way, it’s an essential item, so it is worth all the effort.

Apart from providing warmth, this jacket provides protection from rain and wind as well, making it a very versatile piece of clothing. This is probably the only piece of gear in Sons of the Forest that does not involve fighting with cannibals! Given that you’ll be hunting down this jacket during the early stages of the game, here’s an idea for a beginner base. Sons of the Forest is a very realistic take on a survival game, so here’s how you can cook meat and equip weapons and items while trying to survive on the island.

- This article was updated on February 28th, 2023