How to Get Rid of the Snow in Sons of the Forest

Let it stop snowing.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Endnight Games

While you may think that cannibals are the scariest enemies in Sons of the Forest, the most dangerous threat is the snow. Snow means cold and cold eventually means death in Sons of the Forest. If you want to get rid of the snow, there’s not much good news.

Can You Remove Snow in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest is one of the most brutal survival games available right now. While it could be more brutal when it comes to death, snow is something that is unrelenting.

What makes things worst is that you can’t remove snow in Sons of the Forest. There is no way to get rid of snow, so hunker down and try to survive.

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Sons of the Forest has a seasonal cycle which means you will inevitably face snow. When you start the game, you’ll experience spring and summer. In this time period, harvest as many berries and food supplies as you can carry because winter is coming.

When winter arrives, there will be less food and water and more snow. Snow will make you cold, which will first deplete your stamina and eventually kill you. To stay warm, make sure to build a fire and have a secure base with defensive walls around it since cannibals will still attack.

The only way to remove snow in Sons of the Forest is to survive through the winter or relocate somewhere else. You can move your shelter out of the snowy regions, but if it is snowing everywhere, you’ll just need to survive winter.

There’s no way to turn winter or snow off in Sons of the Forest. Even in the easiest difficulty mode, you’ll still need to survive the snow.

That is our best advice when it comes to removing snow in Sons of the Forest. You can get the shovel and try to move the snow that way, but that method hasn’t been confirmed.

- This article was updated on February 25th, 2023