How to Cook Meat in Sons of the Forest

Does your diet include flesh?

by Noah Nelson
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

If you want to survive in Sons of the Forest, you need to cook and eat meat. Of course, you can role-play as vegetarian and only pick berries, but that way of life is much harder on this island, especially since everyone here is a cannibal. Here’s how to cook meat in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest: How to Cook Meat, Explained

Meat provides the biggest boost to staving off your hunger in Sons of the Forest which is important so you don’t starve. While you can go a while without food, if you want a quick way to end your hunger, you need to eat cooked meat.

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As you could expect, eating raw meat in Sons of the Forest will make you sick which will most likely kill you. To cook meat, all you need to do is make a fire and cook your meat directly on it.

To make a fire, grab a stick and interact with the ground. You’ll snap it into four pieces and light it with your lighter. With that done, you can cook your meat… that is if you have meat.

Best Way to Get Meat in Sons of the Forest

The easiest and best way to get meat in Sons of the Forest is to stab a rabbit or squirrel with your hatchet or spear. You will run slightly faster than both the rabbit and squirrel, so sprint toward your prey and attack. You’ll need a bit of precision as they can run under foliage and be hard to hit.

With the animal dead, interact with it and you’ll get meat. Now that you have meat, you can return to your fire and cook it.

Don’t just equip and drop your meat right onto the fire. The official way to cook meat in Sons of the Forest is to interact with the fire. Once you do, you’ll pull out all of your burnable items (including cash) and be able to select the meat.

Once the meat has been on there for a while, you can check it to see if it says “Cooked Meat.” If it does, you can take it off and consume it with no worries. Hopefully, your diet doesn’t include cannibal meat, but there’s no judgment when it comes to survival.

- This article was updated on February 25th, 2023