How to Get and Use the Thunder Spear in Fortnite

Make Hange proud.

by Thomas Cunliffe
Image: Epic Games

Fortnite‘s v24.20 update has brought an array of Attack on Titan cosmetics and items to the Island, including Eren, Levi, and Mikasa skins, new emotes, and Mythic items in the form of the iconic ODM Gear worn by the Scout Regiment and the explosive Thunder Spear used to slay Titans.

While there are (luckily) no Titans roaming Fortnite’s Island, players can launch Thunder Spears to damage opponents and effortlessly blast open structures. In this guide, we’ve detailed how you find a Thunder Spear in Fortnite and use it to complete Attack on Titan quests to unlock Eren Jaeger.

Thunder Spear Fortnite Locations

Image: / Epic Games

Like ODM Gear, the Thunder Spear can be found randomly on the ground, in Chests, and in Scout Regiment Footlockers — which is where you’ll have the most luck finding one.

Scout Regiment Footlockers are large wooden boxes found throughout the Island, with a large number of them located in the North West part of the island. You’ll also find a number of Titan Targets and Guard Towers in this area, which you’ll need to complete Attack on Titan quests and unlock Eren Jaeger.

Scout Regiment Footlockers aren’t guaranteed to contain a Thunder Spear but have the highest chance out of the three available methods.

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How to Use The Thunder Spear in Fortnite

Image: Attack of the Fanboy / Epic Games

Once you’ve equipped a Thunder Spear, it can be fired like any other weapon to launch it in the direction you’re aiming. After firing, your character will be repelled back, and the Thunder Spear will explode.

Thunder Spears have eight ammo when picked up and will disappear once its reserves are used up. Your character will hold two Spears at a time, meaning you can launch them in succession without reloading, unlike a traditional Rocket Launcher.

Easiest Method to Destroy Structures with a Thunder Spear

The objective of one of the Eren Jaeger Quests is to “Destroy (50) Structures with a Thunder Spear,” The easiest way to do this is to enter a regular Battle Royale match and build a large structure held up by a single wall.

Launch a Thunder Spear at the wall, and the structure will topple, instantly completing the quest and saving ammo you’ll need to use against opponents to complete other Attack on Titan quests.

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- This article was updated on April 12th, 2023

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