How to Make Fish Trap in Sons of the Forest

Here, fishy fishy fishy!

by Drew Kopp
Image: Endnight Games

Food and water are crucial resources in Sons of the Forest, and you can gain access to a steady supply of both by building your base near a fresh body of water inhabited by fish. Of course, you’ll have to catch the fish before you can eat them, and one of the best ways to do that is by crafting a Fish Trap. Here’s how to set up a Fish Trap in Sons of the Forest.

How to Build a Fish Trap in Sons of the Forest

The Fish Trap is one of the many traps you can use to capture animals, and like the rest, all you need to make one is your trusty Axe and a few easy-to-find materials. The crafting recipe for the Fish Trap can be found in the Traps section of the Guide Book, so you can start working on one almost as soon as you start the game.

Image: Endnight Games

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Once you’ve found a suitable location to lay down your Fish Trap, you’ll want to gather twenty-five sticks. Fortunately, Sticks are one of the most common resources in Sons of the Forest, and you can usually find them scattered at the feet of most trees. Alternatively, you can use your Axe to break down small trees or Logs and pick up the Sticks they drop.

Once you’ve got twenty-five Sticks, stand where you want to put your Fish Trap down and select it in the Guide Book. Once you’ve received the prompt, just lay down all twenty-five Sticks, and you should have a functioning Fish Trap in no time. Soon enough, you’ll have a steady supply of fish to eat.

Once you’ve set up your Fish Trap, leave it alone and come back whenever you think it’s caught a fish. However, it’s worth noting that many Sons of the Forest players have reported that the Fish Trap doesn’t work for them. While it’s possible that the Fish Trap may be bugged, it’s also possible that these players set it down in a pond or river where fish don’t spawn.

- This article was updated on February 25th, 2023