How to Make Flint and Steel in Minecraft

An important tool for both fire and the Nether Portal.

by Christian Bognar
Image: Mojang Studios

If you are one of those Minecraft players who need ways to make fire, the best way to create flames is by using Flint and steel. Not only are these materials suitable for creating a fire, but they are also required to complete a Nether Portal—a portal that allows players to transport between the Overworld and the Nether. This guide will walk you through how to make Flint and Steel in Minecraft.

Steps to Make Flint and Steel in Minecraft

Players must find two necessary materials to create Steel and Flint: Iron Ore and a piece of Flint. Players can discover Iron Ore anywhere that has a stone for mining, while Flint can be found by shoveling gravel—located underground. These two materials are easy to come by and once you have them in your possession, you can continue to the next step in creating Flint and Steel.

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Next, you must use a furnace to take that Iron Ore and create an Iron Ingot. It is an easy process using the furnace, where you must place Iron Ore at the top and fuel at the bottom—resulting in an Iron Ingot(which looks like an Iron Bar) coming out on the other end.

Finally, the last step in creating Flint and Steel is to take the newly made Iron Ingot and place it anywhere on the crafting grid along with Flint you have also found. These two together on the crafting grid will result in Flint and Steel—completing the process.

Now that you know how to create Flint and Steel, you can concoct as many fires as you like and even set structures ablaze if you would like! Also, take the time to use this item towards the Nether Portal to discover the darker side of the Minecraft world. Use Flint and Steel to set the Obsidian on fire. Remember, you will need more than just Flint and Steel to get this portal up and running.

- This article was updated on March 21st, 2023

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