How to Scare Someone to Death in BitLife

You can't quite get away with murder.

by Kara Phillips

Despite the majority of BitLife focusing on making the most of your characters’ life, one of the major thrills you can get within the game is putting other characters’ lives on the line. Although you meet a lot of good people you can develop strong friendships with throughout school and adulthood, you can also make a lot of enemies, which is where certain activities on the menu become tempting.

Similar to how many options there are for careers in BitLife, there are equally as many ways to murder fellow Bitizens. It may seem like a pretty intense way to resolve a friendship with an enemy, but it can also be fun to try and get away with if you’re not too sure how else to have some fun. So, if you’re looking for an unexpected way to murder someone, read on to find out how you can scare someone to death.

Can You Scare Someone to Death in BitLife?

When you go to the murder menu in the activities tab, you’ll be able to select your target and your method of murder from a drop-down menu. Of course, you’ll have the option to pick more traditional methods, but a few amusing techniques are also among the mix. For example, scaring someone to death is an option, but it’s one of the riskier.

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Each method of murder comes with a chance of it failing or you being caught, which is the risk you run each time you select a technique regardless of what it is. However, scaring someone to death is one of the more unpredictable ways. That said, if you do successfully pull it off, there is a potential you will instantly be caught and sent to jail, but that can be said for most murders.

Once you’ve been sent to jail, you’ll lose a lot of your relationships with your family and friends, which is the price you’ll pay for the thrill of committing a crime. In addition, you’ll run the risk of struggling to find a decent job once you’re out of jail or escape since you’ll be permanently branded with a criminal record.

- This article was updated on February 25th, 2023