How to Unlock Wingardium Leviosa in Hogwarts Legacy

Move objects out of your path with Wingardium Leviosa!

by Christian Bognar
Hogwarts Legacy How to Unlock Wingardium Leviosa

Are you looking to unlock Wingardium Leviosa in Hogwarts Legacy? This famous spell is one that most Harry Potter fans will recognize, so there was no way that it wouldn’t appear in the video game adaptation. The good news, unlocking Wingardium Leviosa isn’t tough to do; the bad news is that you won’t have the opportunity to unlock it until you are a decent length into the game, about midway. This guide will walk you through all the steps and requirements to unlock this popular spell.

How do You Learn Wingardium Leviosa Spell in Hogwarts Legacy?

Wingardiam Leviosa is described in the game as a spell that “levitates and controls a movable object.” This levitation spell can be helpful when it comes to searching hidden locations by moving objects out of your way. To receive this spell, you must first unlock the side quest “Professor Garlick’s Assignment.” When you have this quest available, you will be sent on the task of acquiring and using a Venomous Tentacula and acquiring and using a Mandrake on multiple enemies simultaneously.

Mandrake and Venomous Tentacula Location

You don’t have to go out and find these items in the open world; instead, you can purchase them at Dogweed and Deathcamp. The Venemous Tentacula goes for 600 Galleon while Mandrake goes for 500. If you find yourself low on Galleon when purchasing these items, you can either sell some of your gear to the shop or explore a little bit to gather enough coins.

To complete this quest, you can use your Venomous Tentacula whenever (you don’t have to be in battle) to complete the first task, but you will need to search for some enemies in the second task. Fly around until you find a few enemies to take on and summon your Mandrake on them. Once you have completed these steps, you can head back to your Herbology class to officially learn Wingardiam Leviosa!

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