In Hogwarts Legacy, What Does the Hogwarts Motto Translate to?

Well, what does it mean?

by Michelle Cornelia
What Does the Hogwarts Motto Translate to in Hogwarts Legacy
Image: Avalanche Studios

There comes a point in Hogwarts Legacy where you’ll stumble upon Sophronia Franklin, a Ravenclaw student who will quiz you with some trivia questions. Answering “What does the Hogwarts motto translate to?” may be a piece of cake to those who are die-hard Harry Potter fans, but players who have just started dipping their toes in the wizarding world might struggle to choose the right answer. If you’re looking for the correct answer, it’s time to bring out the cheat sheet.

What Does the Hogwarts Motto Translate to in Hogwarts Legacy?

The Hogwarts motto is an influential and iconic phrase for fans of the Harry Potter franchise. It reads “Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus,” which translates to “Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon.” This phrase is a reminder to all Hogwarts students to be wise and careful when engaging with all kinds of things, be it people or other magical creatures. 

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For those of us who are playing the Hogwarts Legacy game like a true fan, the Hogwarts motto is a great way to remember the lessons of the Harry Potter series. The never tickle a sleeping dragon phrase can refer to the fact that dragons are generally friendly in the Harry Potter universe unless provoked. Deathly Hallows Part II taught us well that we shouldn’t mess with dragons after all. Of course, this can also apply to other people, not just dragons. 

Once you have answered all of Sophronia Franklin’s questions correctly, you’ll be able to receive the Field Guide page needed to learn the Transformation spell and some XP. So, while you’re here, ensure that you know the answers to her other questions, such as: who founded the village of Hogsmeade, what is the only spell known to repel a Lethifold, and what is the largest Quidditch ball in Hogwarts Legacy.

- This article was updated on February 16th, 2023