Who Founded the Village of Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy?

As well as other answers to Sophronia Franklin's quiz.

by Tom Cunliffe
Hogsmeade Hogwarts Legacy
Image: Attack of the Fanboy/WB Games/Avalanche Games

Hogsmeade is a location you’ll be highly familiar with playing Hogwarts Legacy. This comfy Scottish townlet serves as the game’s central shopping hub, featuring stores selling everything from brooms to potions and even magical clothing.

To learn the Transformation Spell, you need to complete an Assignment that involves retrieving a Field Guide page in the library. To obtain it, you’ll need to answer Sophronia Franklin’s questions on the wizarding world. You can leave with the page or continue her quiz to receive further rewards. One of these questions is: “Who Founded the Village of Hogsmeade?

Sophronia Franklin Quiz Answer — Who Founded the Village of Hogsmeade?

Hogsmeade Village was founded by Hengist of Woodcroft, an English-born wizard driven from his original home by muggles (non-wizards). The answer to all other questions in Round 2 of Sophronia Franklin‘s quiz can be found below.

Sophronia Franklin Quiz Answers Round 2

  • The Hidebehind was accidentally created by cross-breeding a ghoul with what other magical creature?
    • Answer: A Demiguise.
  • What is the only spell known to repel a Lethifold?
    • Asnwer: The Patronus Charm.
  • Who published the law of Elemental Transfiguration?
    • Answer: Gamp.
  • What does the Hogwarts motto translate to?
    • Answer: Never tickle a sleeping dragon.
  • Which magical creature is the only one known to produce eggs through its mouth?
    • Answer: The Runespoor.
  • Where is Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry located?
    • Answer: The Mount Greylock.
  • What is the most powerful love potion known to wizardkind?
    • Answer: Amortentia.

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Interestingly, Hogwarts Legacy contradicts the Harry Potter novels on when Hogsmeade was founded. A sign found in-game suggests that the village was founded in 914, which is anachronistic considering Hengist of Woodcroft was a student at Hogwarts, which was first opened in 990 — 76 years later.

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- This article was updated on February 16th, 2023