Is Sons of the Forest on Game Pass? – Answered

This might be some sad news.

by Kara Phillips
Image: Endnight Games 

The launch of Sons of the Forest has been highly anticipated following its predecessor, The Forest, in 2014, but many players have been slightly disappointed in the platform distribution of the title. The Forest was enjoyed by players on both PC and PlayStation 4, whereas Sons of the Forest played things slightly differently upon its launch.

Despite its anticipation, in all honesty, the launch of Sons of the Forest is pretty restricting, especially for console gamers. However, with the amount of Day One Game Pass debuts this year, many players would expect a game like this to join the party, so read on to find out whether or not you’ll be able to join the survival adventure through Game Pass.

Will Sons of the Forest Come to Game Pass?

As it stands, Sons of the Forest is exclusively launching on PC, so it, unfortunately, will not be landing on Game Pass since the title won’t be coming to Xbox either. However, since the game is in early access for around six to eight months following launch, developers haven’t ruled out the possibility of a future release on console and, in turn, the potential of a Game Pass debut.

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Although the limitations of launching exclusively on PC right now seem pretty severe for an anticipated title, The Forest eventually came to console, so there’s at least one indication that there might be a possibility for its successor to follow in its footsteps. Additionally, the game and its content would play well on console, especially with survival games such as Stranded Deep expanding its audience through Game Pass.

So while there are no plans in place for Sons of the Forest to launch on Game Pass any time soon, that’s not to say that there’s no possibility for the title at some point. The restriction to PC during early access to iron out any potential issues means that a full release on console will only provide the best gaming experience, making it worth the wait should the day arrive.

- This article was updated on February 23rd, 2023