Pokemon GO Alola to Alola Event: How to Complete Collection Challenge

Complete the Alola to Alola Collection Challenge with ease in Pokemon GO!

by Shaun Cichacki


Attention all Pokemon GO trainers! The Season of Alola is coming to an end, and what better way to send it off than with a collection challenge for the ages. Running from May 25th at 10:00 am until May 31st at 8:00 pm local time, you’ll need to get out there and catch as many Pokemon as possible, with some great rewards awaiting you.

You’ll see an enhanced spawn rate to help you catch these Pokemon, and you’ll need to make sure you’re collecting as many items as you can to complete this challenge in time. There are quite a few steps to take, and you’ll need to work towards a lot of evolutions, but that’s what makes this fun. You’ll make some great progress towards your Elite Collector Medal, and earn items in the process. Let’s get right into what you’ll need to do to complete this challenge.

Alola To Alola Collection Challenge Requirements

You’ll find that you need to complete eight different collection challenges to complete this, but if you’ve been playing Pokemon GO throughout the Season of Alola, you’ve come across many of these different Pokemon in the past. You’ll need to add them to your collection, and also evolve quite a few to complete this challenge, so let’s take a look at this list of who you need to catch and evolve, along with the number of candies you’ll need to make this happen.

  • Evolve Yungoose into Gumshoos – 50 Yungoose Candy
  • Evolve Pikipek into Trumbeak – 25 Pikipek Candy
  • Evolve Trumbeak into Toucannon – 100 Pikipek Candy
  • Evolve Rowlet into Dartrix – 25 Rowlet Candy
  • Evolve Litten into Torracat – 25 Litten Candy
  • Catch a Cubone
  • Catch an Alolan Rattata

Once you have completed all of these steps, you’ll unlock 15 Ultra Balls, 15,000 XP, and an encounter with Rockruff, so all in all, some pretty great rewards for getting out there and filling up your Pokedex! Plus, with the ability to evolve your Cubone into Alolan Marowak, it’s another great opportunity to get out there and catch them all! If you’re having a hard time getting all of the Pokemon that you need, investing in something like the Pokemon Go Plus can help you out tremendously, as it allows you to catch Pokemon without even opening your phone!

Make sure that you’re powering up your Pokemon, so while you’re out with friends catching all of these different monsters, you’ll be able to partake in the Guardian Deities 5-Star Raids that are happening in your local area, too. And with Pokemon GO Fest right around the corner, it’s a great chance to make sure that you’re giving Alola the best sendoff possible as we await the newest Pokemon to make their debut into the world!

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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