Pokemon GO Genesect Chill Drive Raid Guide | Best Counters and Weaknesses

Find out how to bring down this Pokemon in our Raid Guide!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking to add a powerful pseudo-legendary Pokemon to your team in Pokemon GO, you’re going to want to prepare yourself to take on Genesect during the upcoming Bug Out! Event. You’ll find them popping up in your local gyms as a 5-Star Raid boss, so making sure that you and your team are ready to challenge them can make or break your chances of getting one of your own.

Finding out the best way to counter this ferocious insect will greatly improve your chances of victory, so let’s get into all of the details possible for this battle, so you have time to prepare, train up your team, and get ready to take Genesect down. Here are your best choices for monsters to bring to the battle, weaknesses, and more!

Genesect Raid Schedule

If you’re looking to test your battle prowess against this monster, you’ll only need to wait a little while longer. Starting on August 10th at 10:00 AM until August 18th at 10:00 AM Local Time, you’ll be able to search this insect out in your local gyms to challenge them to a tough and grueling battle. However, if you’re prepared, you should be able to handle them quickly and effectively.

Genesect Raid Guide – Counters, Weaknesses, and More

If you’re looking to bring this bug down a peg or two, make sure that you’re ready to bring a powerful team along for the ride. While Genesect has a long list of Pokemon they are strong against, they have one particular weakness that you can exploit to cause huge amounts of damage, so prepare your best Pokemon of this type.

Genesect Resistances – Takes 63% Damage

  • Normal
  • Bug
  • Steel
  • Psychic
  • Ice
  • Dragon
  • Fairy
  • Poison – 39% Damage Taken
  • Grass – 39% Damage Taken

Genesect Vulnerabilities – Takes 256% Damage

  • Fire

If you’re wanting to bring the pain as much as possible, having powerful Fire-type Pokemon will do the trick. You’ll be able to inflict massive amounts of damage to this monster with the right choices of Pokemon and Moves, so let’s see who is the most effective choice here.

Pokemon Name Fast Attack Charged Attack
Reshiram Fire Fang Overheat
Chandelure Fire Spin Overheat
Darmanitan (Standard) Fire Fang Overheat
Bllaziken Fire Spin Blast Burn
Moltres Fire Spin Overheat
Flareon Fire Spin Overheat

If you can make this team of 6 happen, you’ll be able to wipe the floor with this bug-gun, without having to blink an eye. Well, maybe alongside some of your friends, as they are a 5-Star Raid, but having these Pokemon on your team will help you take them down faster than ever before.

Can Genesect Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

If you’re looking to bring home an amazing new variant of this Pokemon in the game, you’ll be sad to know that you cannot get a Shiny Genesect, even after defeating them in this challenging raid. However, they may come with this variant in the future, so make sure you’ve gotten your hands on as many as you possibly can through these battles.

That’s all there is to know about this upcoming raid battle! Make sure that you’re ready for anything by checking into our Pokemon GO Guide Section, where you’ll be able to find out how Daily Adventure Incense can help you get your hands on some Legendary Birds, how you can do Special Trades with friends, and all of the information you’ll need about upcoming Spotlight Hour events!

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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