Pokemon GO: How Many Spinda Patterns Are There & How To Capture

Spinda is rather adorable, so find out how to capture one!

by Shaun Cichacki
Image: Niantic

While Spinda may not be the most powerful monster available in Pokemon GO, they’re an interesting creature to find and capture. What makes them unique isn’t their power level, but their patterns, as each Spinda looks slightly different than the last. In this collectible monster game for mobile devices, you’ll be tasked with capturing as many different monsters as possible, so finding out how many Spinda patterns are available in the game!

How Many Spinda Patterns Are There In Pokemon GO?

In total, there are 20 different Spinda Patterns available in Pokemon GO, but it does come with a bit of a catch. With this particular Pokemon, there are only 9 available patterns in the game, swapped out on rotation. 11 other Spinda Patterns are being held until a later day, so gamers have something to look forward to in the future. This may be a strange way to release Spinda for gamers, but there may be a method to the madness.

How Can You Capture Spinda In Pokemon GO?

Spinda is not a Pokemon that you’ll be able to find in the wild. You’ll need to work through different Field Research Tasks, and hope that you land on the right one for the encounter. Since these tasks are randomized, there’s a chance you may not get a chance to capture Spinda in the month you’re in, and have to wait for the refreshed Field Research Tasks to become available.

When it comes to specific patterns, just keep your eyes peeled on the Niantic Social pages, or keep our Pokemon GO page bookmarked to see when the newest Field Research Tasks go live, as we cover which Spinda pattern is available for the month.

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Can Spinda Be Shiny In Pokemon GO?

You may be wondering if Spinda, as rare as they are, happens to have a Shiny Variant available in Pokemon GO. While there are tons of monsters available to capture, not all of them have Shiny Data in the game, making the hunt for them impossible until Niantic adds them in during an event or update.

Don’t fret, Spinda does have a Shiny Form in Pokemon GO, but since they are a rare spawn and hard to capture, it may take a few tries to finally grab one for your collection. It’s a nice shiny, with some subtle changes to the overall color scheme, but they would look great as your buddy. It’s not going to place on our Best Shiny Pokemon list, but it isn’t the worst Shiny on the market, either.

While they don’t offer any sort of competitive advantage, Shiny Pokemon give players a chance to see their favorite monsters in a new light. Keep your eyes peeled at the start of an encounter to verify that you’ve come across a shiny Pokemon, with a flash of stars and an icon next to their name to signal that they are truly shiny.

- This article was updated on March 2nd, 2023