Pokemon GO: How to Get Free Raid Passes (March 2022)

With Season of Alola, here's how to get double the Raid Passes.

by Noah Nelson


Raid Passes in Pokemon GO are extremely valuable and can be a bit rare. Luckily, as debuted and workshopped during Tour: Johto, Niantic is starting to reward Trainers with the opportunity for two free Raid Passes per day. Here is how to get free raid passes in Pokemon GO in March 2022.

Pokemon GO Free Raid Passes in March 2022

In the lead-up to and during the all-day Tour: Johto event in February, Trainers got to reap the rewards of collecting two free Raid Passes per day. During Season of Alola (and hopefully the foreseeable future), Niantic is keeping the trend going by giving Trainers up to two free Raid Passes a day by spinning the Gym Photos Disc.

If you really don’t want to miss the action, you can also receive a free Remote Raid Pass each week. Replenishing every Monday, Trainers can buy a bundle in the shop containing a Remote Raid Pass that is worth only 1 PokeCoin, so it might as well be free. This bundle will give you multiple consumable items, but most importantly, it will give you one Remote Raid Pass.

Pokemon GO Season of Alola Raids

With the exciting start of Season of Alola, there are new Alola region Pokemon appearing in Pokemon GO for the first time. The event is called Welcome to Alola, and while there might not be any Special Research or Field Research that will reward you with any free Raid Passes, you can get access to some new Alola region shiny Pokemon.

Raid Passes in Pokemon GO are your only chance at battling Pokemon in Raids. This is especially important in Season of Alola because the only way to get Rockruff, and subsequently Lycanroc Midday Form or Lycanroc Midnight Form, you’ll need a Raid Pass. Rockruff is currently only available in the One Star Raid.

Rockruff isn’t the only Pokemon trapped behind a Raid. Tapu Koko, a Legendary Electric- and Fairy-type Pokemon is also only available through a Raid. Naturally, Tapu Koko is in the Five Star Raid slot. The last Pokemon worth mentioning that you’ll need a Raid Pass to get is Mega Venusaur. These Pokemon mentioned will only be available through Raids until March 15 at which point they might not be seen again for a long time.

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Pokemon Go is available now on mobile devices.

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