Pokemon GO: How to Get Mega Scizor and Can It Be Shiny?

Want to know more about Mega Scizor? Find out everything you need here!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking to add another powerful Bug-type Pokemon to your team in Pokemon GO, you won’t go wrong with Mega Scizor. Bringing the pain as a dual Steel & Bug-type, you’ll really only need to worry if your opponent has brought a Fire-type to the battle. Otherwise, you’ll be set to wipe some teams out using this amazing Mega Evolution, so make sure you get one during the Bug-Out! Event will help you tremendously.

However, if you’re looking to get one, you may be trying to find out the best way to add one to your team. Let’s dive into this event in some more detail, and find out what you’ll need to do to find and collect one for your own. Here’s how you can get a Mega Scizor in Pokemon GO!

Mega Scizor in Pokemon GO – How To Get One

If you’re looking to get your hands on a Mega Scizor, there are a few different ways to do just that. If you happen to already have a Scizor in the game, you’ll be able to earn Mega Scizor Energy by completing different Field & Timed Research Tasks, allowing you to earn more energy to evolve your favorite Pokemon into this new and exciting form. If you don’t happen to have one yet, you’ll be able to get one by catching a Scyther and evolving them using a Metal Coat, alongside 50 Scyther Candy.

Once you have evolved your Scyther, you’ll be able to use the Mega Evolution power anytime, as long as you happen to have enough Mega Energy to make it happen. However, if you don’t happen to have either option available, you’ll be able to challenge Mega Scizor in the Mega Scizor Raids that will be happening during this event, so make sure that you’ve got a powerful team that is ready to take on the challenge, and grab some friends to take them down and capture them.

Can Mega Scizor Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

If you’re looking to add not only a powerful Pokemon to your team, but also one that happens to be Shiny, you’ll be glad to know that you’re able to find Scyther and Scizor as Shiny Pokemon in the game, and this effect does translate into their Mega Evolution. If you happen to get lucky enough to defeat one of these massive monsters, you’ll have an enhanced chance to find one as a shiny, so prepare yourself for these battles, and take down as many of them as you possibly can to get your bright green Scizor now!

You’ll know that you’ve come across a Shiny Pokemon with a few different variables. Normally, they’ll have a different color scheme, in this case, bright green, and you’ll also see a flash of stars, as well as an icon next to their name signaling that they are shiny. While chances are low that you’ll encounter one, you’ll have a better chance than ever to find one during this event, as Shiny Rates are increased during events.

Scizor Perfect IV Stats

If you’re wanting to make sure that Scizor is worth finding, you may want to know about their IV stats. You’ll come to find that Scizor has one heck of an attack stat, as well as some excellent defense that translates even better into the Mega Evolution.

  • Max CP: 3,001
  • Max HP: 147
  • Attack: 236
  • Defense: 181
  • Stamina: 172

And that’s all there is to know about getting your hands on a Mega Scizor during this event! Make sure that you’re checking out our Pokemon GO Guide Section so you’re able to keep up with all of the upcoming 5-Star Raidsresearch tasks, and rewards, as well as shiny Pokemon and ways to find Legendary Pokemon while walking!

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