Pokemon Legends Arceus – Where to Find Medicinal Leeks

Don't Tell Farfetch'd.

by J.R. Waugh


Crafting is a big central component to Pokemon Legends Arceus, changing how you get classic items in a big way.  Much like with the ability to craft Poke Balls from the ingredients you can find in the wild, one particularly important type of item you’ll want, especially if you want your Pokemon to be sustainably healthy during your adventures, is Potions.  In addition to Oran Berries which grow on trees similar to how you might find Apricorns, you’ll need Medicinal Leeks to complete even the most basic Potions early on.  Read more to learn Where to Find Medicinal Leeks in Pokemon Legends Arceus!

Pokemon Legends Arceus – Where to Find Medicinal Leek


Medicinal Leeks are a lot easier to find than, say, tracking down a Farfetch’d who are at least known to carry them; you can find these items openly on the ground, often nearby tall patches of grass in open areas.  Once you spot these tall, green, leafy sprouts, you can just walk up and press A to collect them.  You’ll find success as early on as the beginning with Horseshoe Plains and other grassy areas being good spots to look in the Obsidian Fieldlands area.  You can pretty easily spot them from a distance, once you’re able to recognize them.  Be sure to check these areas often, as many are static spawn locations to which you can return later and get more.


Remember to search for Oran Berries as well, which are a staple in the Pokemon universe and are the round, dark blue ones you can spot hanging from trees similarly to Apricorn trees.  You will first need to get the Potion recipe given by Akari or Rei as part of the Getting to Work on Research Tasks Mission.  Combine 1 of these and 1 Medicinal Leek to make your potions at any crafting table either in town or at camp.

One of the most interesting parts about exploring the open areas in this game is not only the diverse array of Pokemon, including early appearances by fully evolved ones which can be quite intimidating, is discovering these items for the first time and knowing where to look.  If you spot a pattern for how these items appear, you’ll begin to form a mental map for yourself as to where to search for even more.

This concludes our guide on Where to Find Medicinal Leeks in Pokemon Legends Arceus!  Check out our other guides  along with more articles below and get to adventuring in Hisui to learn more about the past!

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