Roblox – How To Get Tushita in Blox Fruits

Find out where to claim this Legendary blade in Blox Fruits!

by Shaun Cichacki

Gamers hoping to become the most powerful Pirate or Marine in Blox Fruits should always know where the most powerful Fruits and Weapons lay waiting for them. While the Buddah fruit may be one of the most powerful in this Roblox experience, it seems that fans are on the search for the legendary Tushita blade, making them more powerful than ever imagined.

However, for those that are new to the game, or looking to plan for the future, knowing where the Tushita is located could be future-proofing their experience within this world. Let’s embark on the journey of a lifetime, as we begin searching for the legendary Tushita blade, and where we may be able to find it!

Where To Find Tushita In Blox Fruits

Not only is the Tushita necessary to unlock the Cursed Dual Blades, but it’s also one of the most overpowered single weapons in Blox Fruits. This makes it quite valuable in the long and short of things, as well as just being a generally excellent weapon to have for any gamer in Blox Fruits.

However, it’s also a tricky weapon to find, and if players don’t know where to start looking, they may find themselves wandering for far longer than they need. Let’s dive in and find out where players should start looking to claim this blade for their own.

As the Pirates and Marines continue waging war, going off on your own will be the first trick to this adventure. Players will need to obtain the God’s Chalice, an item that is found after defeating Elite Pirates within the Haunted Castle. After players have obtained this item, they’ll need to spawn and defeat rip_indra, which is a challenging battle.

After the battle has been completed, head towards Hydra Island and start the search for the Waterfall Room. Once inside, players will need to fight and kill the ghosts that are within this room, which will give them the chance to use their platforming skills to climb the waterfall on the right side of the room.

Once on top, players will find a large door that will start up a new quest, in which players will need to light 5 Holy Torches, which can be found in the locations listed below:

  • Inside the Bridge Arches of the Island
  • Inside of a Pineapple House, on the wall
  • Near the Forest Pirates, inside a house
  • On a Broken Bridge, behind a tree
  • Near the Mythological Pirates, on a Ship

Players can see these torches before embarking on this part of the quest, so exploring the lands and locating these torches can make this part of the mission quite easier. Since players will only have 5 minutes to locate and light these torches, it is strongly recommended to search for them before jumping into this portion of the mission.

Once that has been completed, players will be able to spawn and fight against Longma, who happens to be level 2000 and can be quite the challenge if players aren’t properly prepared. Players can find this boss on the Floating Turtle, which is a location unlocked during the Torch Puzzle listed above.

Once Longma has been defeated, players can claim Tushita, the first part of the Cursed Dual Katanas. Even if they don’t plan on making the full plunge into the set, Tushita is still a valuable and dangerous weapon. Until then, gamers may want to search for the Twin Hooks and Phoenix Fruits to give them an advantage in the battle against Longma.

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 17th, 2023

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