Roblox In the Heights Event Guide: How to Get Every Free Item

Avatar items, emotes, and more await in this new event!

by Diego Perez

The In the Heights Block Party Roblox event has finally opened up, and there are plenty of free items and emotes for players to unlock when they visit the new area. There are three new emotes on offer entirely for free, and they can be used in other games too. The other items are unfortunately only in-game items, so you can’t use them outside of the In the Heights Block Party event. The event does have live activities coming up though, so you’ll have a reason to come back with your new items. Here’s how to get al the free items from the In the Heights Block Party event in Roblox.

How to Get the Free Emotes

To get the three free emotes, all you have to do is log into the event before it ends. Once you spawn, click on the three present icons at the bottom of the screen where the other emotes are. Once you click the presents, you’ll unlock the emotes on your account. There are three emotes that you can get, and each one is listed below.

  • Block Partier
  • Samba
  • Cha Cha

These emotes are Avatar items, so they’ll be added to your account and you can use them in other games. Redeeming each emote gives you unique badges as well.

How to Get Usnavi’s Hat


Usnavi’s Hat is the first free clothing item from the event. It’s an in-game item, so you can only use it in the In the Heights Block Party event. To get it, you have to find all 10 missing numbers hidden throughout the level. Most of these numbers are easy to find, but if you need assistance, check out our guide to find all 10 missing numbers. As soon as you collect the tenth number, Usnavi will give you the hat as a reward.

How to Get the Artist’s Backpack


Like Usnavi’s Hat, the Artist’s Backpack is only an in-game reward. It’s also the reward for a scavenger hunt, only this time you have to find all five graffiti spots instead of numbers. The graffiti spots look like faded artwork and are on walls where they’re easy to see, so they’re not hard to find. Check out our graffiti locations guide if you need help finding them. Once you find all five, you’ll receive the Artist’s Backpack.

How to Get the Roblox Flag


The Roblox Flag is earned by completing the list of Abuela’s Spanish Lessons. To learn new words for the list, you have to find all 10 missing numbers, paint all five graffiti spots, and examine the posters around the block. Finding the numbers and graffiti will get you most of the words, but you’ll still need the posters to get the rest. Thankfully, the posters are pretty easy to spot because they have the same blue icon as the graffiti paintings and other interactable objects. If you’re missing some words, check out our Roblox Flag guide to see where to find them.

How Long is the In the Heights Block Party Event?

The Roblox In the Heights Block Party event will run until June 20. All the event items will be unavailable after that date, so be sure to jump in and get everything done before the event comes to a close. There are also plenty of live events scheduled over the next two weeks, so check back often to see if anything is going on. Here’s the schedule for the event.

  • Thursday, June 10 @ 10 AM PDT
    • Lights Out event
    • Q&A Viewing Party
    • Exclusive Clip from In the Heights
  • Friday, June 11 @ 10 AM PDT, 6 PM PDT
    • Virtual Flash Mob event

The In the Heights Block Party Roblox event runs until June 20, so you only have a few weeks to claim the free items. The live events will not be rebroadcasted like the Zara Larsson concert, so make sure you log in at the right time if you want to see them. If you’ve already gotten everything from the event, then check out our Roblox promo code list for more free items.

Roblox is available now on PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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