Ship of Fools: How to Defeat Claws, Tyrant of the Deep

Send the crab packing.

by Noah Nelson

Claws, Tyrant of the Deep is the second boss in Ship of Fools. After you’ve successfully navagated The High Seas section and hopefully traveled through a few pink symbols on the map, you’re ready to face Claws, Tyrant of the Deep. Here is how to defeat Tyrant, Claws of the Deep in Ship of Fools.

How to Defeat Claws, Tyrant of the Deep in Ship of Fools

As the second boss you face, Claws, Tyrant of the Deep is no push-over. Though this fight may seem easy on paper, it is definitely a challenge. There are two main phases and, unlike with Tentacles, Shadow of the Undergrowth, they don’t repeat.

Claws, Tyrant of the Deep Phase One

The first phase of the Claws, Tyrant of the Deep fight features a thick claw that melees the ship and a thinner claw that shoots two projectiles onto the ship. These projectiles turn into fire on the ship which means you’ll only have about three or four seconds to put it out with your paddle attack. The two claws will swap back and forth between the top and bottom of the ship. The goal is to get the health bar to zero.

If you are playing by yourself, to pass the first phase of this fight, you need to focus on meleeing the thicker claw. Wherever the thick claw emerges, run over to it and swat it away with your melee attack. Krillstoph or Todd is a great Fool to use for this part of the fight. While you melee the thicker crab, you’ll also need to put out the fires on the ship caused by the thinner claw.

If you are playing two-player, have one Fool focus on the thinner claw and one Fool focus on the thicker claw. By doing this, you’ll ensure you’re never hit because the thicker claw will be dealt with and if the thinner claw is dealt enough damage, it won’t shoot projectiles onto your ship.

Claws, Tyrant of the Deep Phase Two

Once the health has been dropped to zero, the health bar will raise to the max again and Claws, Tyrant of the Deep’s body will emerge and stay at the top of the screen. The second and final phase has begun. Luckily, the strategy doesn’t change, it just gets a bit more complicated.

If you are playing by yourself, keep your Sentry cannon on the top side of the ship. It will deal constant damage by shooting the eye of Claws’ body — just remember to reload it. Your job is the same as in phase one: attack the thick claw before it can swipe at your ship and clear the fires from the thin claw’s projectiles.

The claws will always stay at the bottom of the ship, but what makes this stage more difficult is Claws’ eye will sweep the ship and stun you if you are caught in its beam. You must avoid that at all costs because getting stunned will most likely result in one or both of the claws having enough time to deal damage to the ship. To avoid the stun beam, roll. Shoot the claws if and when you get the chance.

If you are playing two-player, put both cannons on the bottom side of the ship. You can have one Fool focused on the thicker claw and one focused on the thinner claw, or you can mix it up and cover different sides of the ship. Regardless, the goal is to shot and hit the claws before they can deal damage and roll out of the way whenever the stun beam comes.

If you follow this strategy, you should beat Claws, Tyrant of the Deep. As you get a better routine down, you’ll be able to beat Claws, Tyrant of the Deep without taking damage. Up next is Heads, Harbinger of Hoarfrost.

Ship of Fools is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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