Ship of Fools: How to Defeat Heads, Harbinger of Hoarfrost

Heads? More like tails after I'm done with you!

by Noah Nelson

While Heads, Harbinger of Hoarfrost is easily one of the coolest-looking bosses in Ship of Fools, and one of the best-named, it is definitely the easiest. Since Heads is the third boss you face, it’s a little disappointing that Heads is such an easy boss to beat. Here is how to easily beat Heads, Harbinger of Hoardfrost in Ship of Fools.

How to Defeat Heads, Harbinger of Hoarfrost

There is only one phase for the Heads, Harbinger of Hoarfrost fight. The best Fools to use for the Heads, Harbinger of Hoarfrost boss battle are Betty and Shelbie since you will be shooting a lot and you have a high chance to get stunned by the left head.

To easily defeat Heads in Ship of Fools, whether you are playing solo or with a friend, keep one cannon on the top and one on the bottom. All you need to do is shoot the exposed humps. When they are all sunk, both heads will be stunned. Hop off your cannon, run over to a head, and mash the melee button.

When the heads pick themselves up, they will spawn enemies on both sides. Reload your cannons and defeat these enemies. Be careful of skeleton enemies because once dead they will always fight a blue flame onto your ship. With the enemies cleared, fire at the exposed humps again and hit the heads when they get stunned.

Rinse and repeat this process and you will defeat Heads, Harbinger of Hoarfrost. The trickiest part about Heads is that sometimes, the left head will send out a few rotating stun beams from the orb in its mouth. Stay away from the left side of the ship when this happens or roll whenever a beam sweeps over the ship. If you do that, you’ll be fine.

And that is how to defeat Heads, Harbinger of Hoarfrost in Ship of Fools. Don’t get too comfortable yet, you still have to defeat Eye, of the Storm.

Ship of Fools is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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