Skyrim Goldfish Location: Where to Catch Goldfish

Planning on catching a goldfish in Skyrim? It's quite like hunting for gold itself.

by Gordon Bicker


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has had the most long-awaited edition yet…fishing…in Skyrim. Yes, you heard that right, fishing has made its appearance in the latest update alongside the Anniversary Edition’s release which players have gleefully installed. Notably, fishing is not new to The Elder Scrolls series, one such example is the fact that The Elder Scrolls Online has had fishing in the experience since its release which players have thoroughly enjoyed adventuring together to do so. Now players of Skyrim can indulge themselves in a similar fashion to the fishing present in the other game and start their fishing journey in the latest update. One particular fish that has been getting the undercurrent on players is the goldfish which appears to enjoy making sure its name makes sense as it is clear to see that finding the fish is akin to finding gold dust. This guide will take you through the process of how and where to catch goldfish in Skyrim.


How to Start Fishing in Skyrim

Before catching the goldfish, you’ll have to make sure you actually can start fishing. This can be done by going to the Creation Club and downloading the ‘Fishing’ creation. After you have installed the pack, to gain the first quest you will need to find ‘fishing supplies’. One of these areas can be found by firstly travelling to the Guardian Stone near Riverwood. If you turn towards the South-West on the compass, you will spot a small indent next to the lake where a camp is set up. Walk towards the camp and pick up the fishing rod and the books, items, and equipment sitting around. There will be a ‘Fishing Supplies’ crate in the camp which you should activate, catch one fish and the quest ‘Angler Acquaintances’ will start.

If you’d like to have a chat with the NPC, be sure to do that too before continuing onwards in the goldfish odyssey. There have been a few glitches tied to the Anniversary Edition such as a black screen but hopefully, this won’t happen while you are going for the goldfish.


Where to Catch Goldfish in Skyrim and How to Catch Them

Now that you have got the main fishing supplies and unlocked the fishing experience in Skyrim you can now start to proceed to the particular areas where you will be able to find an abundance of goldfish. One of these places is near Fort Neugrad which you should travel to. The fastest way to catch goldfish is quite literally jumping into the pond and catching them with your hands if you are looking for a quick way to catch them as there will be three in total that spawn at a time.


However, if you would rather catch them by the way of using the fishing creation then travel to Lake Honrich which is the large body of water near Riften. There will be a set of fishing supplies on the Riften docks which you can use and make sure that is a clear sunny day for catching the goldfish. Begin fishing at the docks and you will be sure to catch a goldfish.

Will you be following this guide to catch a goldfish in Skyrim this month?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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