Spirittea Friendship Guide: Best Activities for Every Villager

Want to be the village's favorite spiritual spa owner? Here's how!

by Drew Kopp

Spirittea is a life-simulator game that combines the best elements of Stardew Valley and Spirited Away into a satisfying blend. Like many other games in its genre, Spirittea allows you to build up your social circle by befriending your neighbors, all of whom have unique personalities, occupations, and hobbies.

Much like in real life, the best way to befriend your fellow villagers in Spirittea is by getting to know them and participating in recreational activities they enjoy. Every villager who calls Spirittea’s remote mountain village home has at least one favorite pastime, and taking the time out of your busy schedule to partake in it with them will go a long way towards building your friendship. Here are the best activities for every villager in Spirittea.

The Best Activities for Every Villager in Spirittea

There are twenty-six villagers in Spirittea, all of whom like to partake in different leisure activities whenever they aren’t busy doing their jobs. To find out what each village wants to do in their off-time, talk to them until they open up about their interests, and their favorite activity will then be listed on their page in your Notebook. To access the Notebook, open your Backpack and keep scrolling until you find it.

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Here is a list of all the villagers’ favorite activities in Spirittea.


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Amelia makes an excellent first impression on new players in Spirittea, giving you a fresh bowl of vegetal stew when you arrive in your new house and encouraging you to meet your neighbors. A kind old soul who refuses to let old age get her down, Amelia’s favorite activities are going to Julian’s restaurant and relaxing at the Hot Springs.


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Bruce, the village school principal, comes off as a show-off, but he genuinely cares about the well-being of the school’s students and staff. When he needs to blow off some steam, Bruce enjoys drinking at the Karaoke Bar and, conveniently enough, singing there.

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Clarence is one of several teachers at the local school and a kind man who enjoys discussing pop culture and other topics with anyone willing to lend an ear. When he’s not teaching, Clarence enjoys drinking at the Karaoke Bar and going fishing, so be sure to buy a FishingRod before you talk to him.


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Eric is a shy soul who prefers to spend time alone in his apartment, but he’ll slowly open up if you take the time to get to know him. As he emerges from his shell, Eric will reveal that he enjoys drinking at the Karaoke Bar and eating at Jullian’s Restaurant.


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Fae is the local blacksmith, and you’ll be spending a lot of time with her since she’s the one who fixes the Spirit Bathhouse’s dilapidated rooms. Fae is a hard-working girl who takes her craft very seriously but is willing to take time off to drink at the Karaoke Bar or dig for treasure.

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Gale is the no-nonsense owner of the village’s Karaoke Bar, and as one might expect from her choice of occupation, she has a fierce passion for music. Gale’s favorite activities are going to the Hot Springs and drinking at the bar.


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One of two dogs owned by Young, Jan is a simple canine who enjoys simple pleasures. Like most other animals in Spirittea, Jan’s favorite pastime is receiving love and affection through a nice pat on the head.


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A journalist who enjoys traveling the world and writing about local events, Jillian has taken a break from globe-trotting to recalibrate herself. Jillian enjoys singing at the Karaoke Bar or taking a relaxing soak at the Hot Springs.

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Julian is the grumpy owner of the village’s barbeque restaurant and can help you gather recipe ingredients. fitting for a man who likes to make seafood, his favorite pastime is fishing.


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Kenzo owns the local Ice cream Store and is an aspiring manga artist working to make ends meet until he can pursue his true passion full-time. Kenzo’s favorite activities are bug-catching and digging for treasure.


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Kim is one of the teachers at the village school, and she also happens to be a close friend of Sujin. Kim’s favorite out-of-school activities are eating at Jullina’s Restaurant or going around Bug Catching.

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Leigh is the most eccentric teacher at the village school, and he’s one of the funniest characters to talk to and hang out with. Eligh’s favorite hobbies are singing at the Karaoke Bar and fishing.


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Ling is the nurse at the village’s school and is unafraid to state her mind about the people around her. Ling’s favorite activities are digging for treasure and singing at the Karaoke Bar.


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Maru is the first of several animals you’ll meet in Spirittea and the faithful canine who will show you around the village and introduce you to all your new neighbors. Like his companion Lan, all you need to do to raise Maru’s friendship is pat him on the head.

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Amelia is the first face you’ll see as you step off the bus to begin your new life in Spirittea, and she’s one of the friendliest people in the village. With the prime of her life long past, Miku enjoys slower hobbies like relaxing in the Hot Springs or digging for treasure.


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The owner of the local cafe, Moby, is one of the first people you meet in Spirittea, and he’s also the first person to be troubled by a restless spirit. As a man who understands that you need to take a break from your nine-to-five and enjoy life sometimes, Moby enjoys going to Julian’s restaurant or getting a drink at the Karaoke Bar.


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Amelia’s husband, Quill, is easily the grouchiest character in Spirrittea. Still, the aged owner of the Bicycle Shop will eventually develop a grandfatherly affection for you if you take the time to get to know him. Quill’s favorite activities are going out for a drink at the Karaoke Bar and fishing.

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Radish is the village’s local stray cat, and everyone seems to have a soft spot for the feisty feline. All you need to do to befriend Radish is pet him whenever you find him.


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Song is the owner of the village’s General Store, so you’ll be interacting with her a lot as you work to build up the Spirit Bathouse and set down roots. Song’s favorite activities are fishing and singing at the Karaoke Bar.


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Sora is a shy child who doesn’t seem to have parents, a trait he shares with the other children in the village. Fitting for someone his age, Sora’s favorite activity is bug collecting.

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Sujin is a boat captain with a Southern accent and a lust for exploration, and she’s also one of the first villagers you can help with a spiritual problem. An adventurous spirit at heart, Sujin enjoys strenuous hobbies like fishing and bug-catching.


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Tera is Jillian’s roommate and a professional deadpan snarker who, despite her cynicism, loves to help people out whenever she’s asked. Tera’s favorite hobbies are eating at Jullian’s Restaurant and soaking in the Hot Springs.


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Tifa is the village’s resident tea enthusiast, and she’s the primary source of the leaves you need to brew the special tea that allows you to see spirits. Her favorite activities are bug catching and going to the Hot Springs.

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Tobi is a teacher who struggles to connect with his students or his peers because of his social anxiety, but those who get to know him will learn that he can be surprisingly passionate about his hobby. Tobi’s favorite activity is fishing.


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Young is the head priest of the village’s temple, and he’s one of the few characters in Spirittea who seems to be aware of the existence of the spirits before the player makes them aware of it. Young’s favorite hobbies are digging for treasure and relaxing in the hot springs.


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Yumi is another teacher at the school, and she’s the least eccentric out of all of them. Yumi’s favorite hobbies are singing at the Karaoke Bar and bug catching.

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