The Best Dehya DPS Build in Genshin Impact | Best Weapons, Artifacts, and Team Composition

Check out a build sure to show all the true might of the Flame-Mane

by Franklin Bellone Borges

Dehya is set to be released on Genshin Impact‘s upcoming version 3.5 and fans could not be more excited, given that she has everything to be a great sub-DPS if her multipliers and talents are updated. But how should you build her? Now, in order to answer that and more, as well as to help you be fully ready for Dehya’s arrival, here’s the best Dehya DPS build in Genshin Impact.

The Best Dehya DPS Build in Genshin Impact | Best Weapons, Stats, and Substats

Taking into account Dehya’s leaked set, currently featured on Project Amber, the best artifact sets for a Dehya will be either a 4-piece Crimson Witch of Flames or a 4-piece Emblem of Severed Fate, depending on whether you want to focus on empowering her whole set of maximizing her Burst. With that said, main stat-wise, we recommend that you focus on Pyro DMG Bonus, Crit Rate/DMG, and ATK. For those who plan on getting Dehya’s first constellation, using an HP Sands of Eon can also work well.

To recap, you can check out the best main stats for each artifact piece below:

  • Flower of Life: HP%
  • Plume of Death: ATK%
  • Sands of Eon: ATK% / HP% (Only after unlocking her first constellation).
  • Goblet of Eonothem: Pyro DMG Bonus
  • Circlet of Logos: Crit Rate / DMG (Depending on your overall Crit Rate and weapon).

When talking about substats, we recommend that you focus on Crit Rate/DMG and HP% (at C1).

The Best Weapons for DPS Dehya

For our build, the best weapon for Dehya will be her featured weapon, Beacon of the Reed Sea, as the weapon will provide her with a large amount of CRIT Rate, as well as a huge ATK boost through both its passive and base attack value.

If the new 5-star Claymore is not an option for you, we recommend the use of the Wolf’s Gravestone, which is considered the game’s best overall, thanks to its massive attack boost and high base stats. 4-star wise, we recommend the use of weapons featuring a CRIT substat, like Serpent Spine and the Blackcliff Slasher. Using the upcoming Mailed Flower Claymore at full refinement can also work well.

To recap, you can check out the best weapons for Dehya below, as well as a great F2P option:

  • 5-star: Beacon of the Reed Sea / Wolf’s Gravestone
  • 4-Star: Serpent Spine / Blackcliff Slasher
  • F2P: Mailed Flower (R5)

What Talents Should You Prioritize?

Although Dehya will be a Burst DPS, and will thus take on the field only to perform her Elemental Skill and then her Burst, we recommend that you level her talents up evenly. The reason for that lies in the fact that unlike many of the game’s other Sub-DPS’, you will need to make use of her normals while in her Blazing Lioness state in order to maximize her damage.

The Best Dehya DPS Build in Genshin Impact | The Best Team Compositions for DPS Dehya

As a Pyro DPS, Dehya will benefit the most from Hydro and Cryo Supports capable of constant application by themselves. Using her with a main DPS’ such as Ayato and Ganyu or a sub-DPS like Yelan can also work well, as they will be able to take on the field and alter with her to maximize your damage. Bennet is also a must, as he offers healing and a massive ATK buff.

Genshin Impact is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and mobile devices. 

- This article was updated on January 23rd, 2023

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