The Best Moveset for Buzzwole in Pokemon GO

Ready to fight with Buzzwole? Find out what moves to pick!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking to put your Buzzwole to work right away in Pokemon GO, you’ve come to the right place. After defeating one in a Raid, you’ll have a chance to capture them and bring them onto your team. You’ll find that they have plenty to offer, so making sure that you’re ready to capture one is the best plan of action.

However, once you have gotten your hands on one or plenty, you’ll also want to make sure that they’re as battle ready as possible. With a varied moveset, you’ll have plenty of different options on what you can have them do for you, but if you’re looking to build the best of the best, we’ve got you covered. Here are all of the best moves for Buzzwole in Pokemon GO!

Buzzwole – Best Moves & Perfect IV Stats

After you gave it your all during the Pokemon GO Fest 22 Finale, you’ve finally gotten your hands on this amazing Ultra Beast. What next? Let’s find out what the best moves that you can give to this monster are, and what they’ll be perfect for. Here are all of the moves that Buzzwole can learn, with the best Fast and Charged Move picks for them.

Best Fast Moves for Buzzwole

Fast Attack Damage Energy Per Second (EPS) Damage Per Second (DPS)
Poison Jab 10 8.8 12.5
Counter 12 8.9 16

While they don’t have the most choices around for Fast Attacks, you’ll see that Counter is the better move of the two. Generating more energy, and causing more Damage, you’ll have a clear-cut choice in this round.

Best Charged Moves For Buzzwole

Charged Attack Damage Energy Per Second (EPS) Damage Per Second (DPS)
Lunge 55 -11.4 22.8
Superpower 85 -16.7 34
Fell Stinger 50 -15 27.3
Power-Up Punch 50 -16.5 30

As their movepool doubles, you’ll find that Superpower is going to be your best bet here, offering the most damage per second. While it does drain some extra energy, it’s worth the payoff in the end, as you’ll be able to almost double the damage done by any of their other moves.

Perfect IV Stats for Buzzwole

If you get lucky, there’s a chance that you’ll be able to capture an Ultra Beast that has Perfect IVs, making them one of the best to have around. You can check their overall stats by hitting Appraise on their menu, and if you got one for yourself, this is what you can expect!

  • Max CP: 3,461
  • Max HP: 182
  • Attack: 236
  • Defense: 196
  • Stamina: 216

Despite its massive size, it doesn’t seem that Buzzwole skipped out on their training, as they are a solid overall pick for your team. They aren’t going to pack the most massive punch out of the Ultra Beasts, but you’ll be able to hold your own against just about any Pokemon, as long as they aren’t a Flying-type.

And that’s all there is to know! If you love everything that this game has to offer, make sure that you’re checking out our Pokemon GO Guide Section, where you’ll be able to see what’s on the horizon for GO Fest 22 Finale, see some excellent found footage of these Beasts in action, and find out where to get plenty of items and Pokeballs before the event starts!

Pokemon GO is available now on Mobile Devices.

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