The Best Qingque DPS Build In Honkai: Star Rail | Best Light Cones, Relics, and Team Composition

A build sure to showcase Qingque's true potential!

by Franklin Bellone Borges

If you are not planning to get Seele during her banner, Qingque will most likely be the first and only Quantum character you will get in Honkai: Star Rail during version 1.0. But she is way more than a free character, given her ability to deal a great deal of multitarget damage. Now, so that you can bring out the most of her, here’s the best Qingque DPS Build In Honkai: Star Rail.

The Best Relics and Planar Ornaments for Qingque

As a DPS who has the ability to deal massive single-target and high multi-target Quantum damage (while in her Hidden Hand state), the best relic set for Qingque will be a 4-piece Genius of Brilliant Stars.

The set will be our main pick as it will both provide her with a 10% increase and Quantum damage, as well as with the ability to ignore 10% of her target’s Quantum defense after an attack (the boost is increased by another 10% if the target has Quantum as one of their Weaknesses).

Planar Ornament-wise, our best pick would be, as usual, Inert Salsotto. The ornament is our main pick given its ability to increase her CRIT Rate by 8%, all while also allowing you to raise her CRIT DMG by 15% after reaching the 50% CRIT Rate threshold.

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Best Stats and Substats

Given her role, we recommend the use of a CRIT Rate Body, ATK% Feet, as well as that of a Quantum Damage Bonus Phanar Sphere and either a Break Effect or ATK% Link Rope.

To recap, you can check out the best stats for each Relic and Planar Ornament piece, below:

  • Head: HP%
  • Hands: ATK%
  • Body: CRIT Rate
  • Feet: ATK%
  • Planar Sphere: Quantum DMG
  • Link Rope: Break Effect (Main Pick) / ATK%

Substat-wise, we recommend that you focus on CRIT DMG and Rate (in order to reach the 70/100 threshold) as well as on Break Effect and ATK, in that order.

The Best Light Cones for Qingque

Given her role as a multi-target DPS, the best Light Cone for Qingque will be Himeko’s Night Under the Stars (5-star). The 5-star cone is our main pick as it will massively increase her damage thanks to its 9% ATK increase for each enemy in the field, as well as further increase her damage against enemies who suffer a Weakness Break by 30%.

If Night Under the Stars is not an option or main picks would be either Genuises’ Response or The Seriousness of Breakfast. While using Today is Another Peaceful Day can also work really well, we only recommend using it after supersampling the Cone up to Lv3+.

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To recap, here are the best Light Cones for Qingque, as well as a good 3-star pick:

  • Best Overall: Night Under the Stars (5-star)
  • Best Alternative: Today is Another Peaceful Day (4-star) / Genuises’ Response (4-star) / The Seriousness of Breakfast (4-star)
  • Best 3-star: Data Bank

Best Team Compositions for Qingque in Honkai: Star Rail

Taking into account that you will need to have four matching titles in order to bring out the most of Qingque, as well as the fact that it is not ideal to spend all Skill Points on her while trying to get a matching set, we recommend that you use her as a secondary DPS in teams featuring either Yanqing or Seele (Clara can also work if you are able to provide shields)— as well as overall support (Bronya), and a healer (Bailu or Natasha).

Using her as a solo DPS in teams featuring a debuffer, a healer, and a main support can also work great.

This build guide was made during Honkai: Star Rail’s version 1.0 and will be updated as new patches are released.

- This article was updated on May 8th, 2023

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