The Best Weapon in V Rising: How to Get General’s Soul Reaper

Here's how to get one of the best weapons in V Rising.

by Diego Perez


There are plenty of weapons that you can use to defend your castle and defeat bosses in V Rising, but the General’s Soul Reaper is arguably the best weapon in the entire game. You can’t acquire it until very late in your V Rising playthrough, but once you add it to your arsenal, it’s effective in both PVE and PVP activities.

You can achieve some ridiculously powerful builds with this two-handed scythe, particularly on the PVP side of things, so it’s perfect for raiding enemy castles and stocking up on a ton of loot. It’s also fairly easy to acquire once you learn the recipe, so here’s how you can get the General’s Soul Reaper weapon in V Rising.

How to Get General’s Soul Reaper in V Rising

The General’s Soul Reaper can be crafted in a Smithy after obtaining the recipe. If you don’t have a Smithy yet, then you’ll need to defeat Quincey the Bandit King to unlock it.

The crafting recipe for the General’s Soul Reaper is dropped by the Undead Commander enemy, who can be found in the Church of the Damnned and Haunted Iron Mine in the Dunley Farmlands region. You can see the possible locations of this boss marked in red on the map below.


The Undead General is a high-level enemy and the areas where it can be found are infested with hostile skeletons, so make sure you’re prepared if you’re planning an assault on the Church of the Damned or Haunted Iron Mine. When defeated, the Undead General will drop the Orb of Knowledge for the General’s Soul Reaper, which is required to craft the weapon.

How to Craft General’s Soul Reaper

With the Orb of Knowledge in your possession, head back to the Smithy at your castle. You will now be able to craft the General’s Soul Reaper with the following ingredients:

The General’s Soul Reaper is a two-handed weapon with an 18 gear level that inflicts 25% bonus physical damage to undead enemies, making it perfect for clearing out hordes of skeletons. It’s a very powerful weapon that also boosts your spell power and spell critical chance, and it’s hard to find another weapon that competes with it.

V Rising is available now in early access on PC.

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