What Is The Golden Dagger Meter In Dragon Quest Treasures?

Not sure what this meter is for? Find out here!

by Shaun Cichacki

Players that find themselves overwhelmed by the combat encounters that they jump into in the worlds of Dragon Quest Treasures may have a secret power that they don’t know about. Being able to utilize the power of their Dragon Dagger that they received at the beginning of the game, gamers may notice a golden dagger gauge that fills up as they fight.

Players may not know what this meter can be used for, especially early off in the game. However, this meter houses a special power that can help gamers in the early game, especially with some of the more difficult combat encounters. Find out what it is, and what players will need to do to utilize this power as soon as possible.

How To Use Golden Dagger Gauge In Dragon Quest Treasures

While in the middle of a combat encounter, the shoulder buttons on the Nintendo Switch house a possibility of different moves that players will be able to use to their advantage in this particular game. The L Button, for example, will give players free use of their Monster Companions powers, and the ZR Button will let players shoot their slingshot at foes.

However, the R Button houses a whole potential of new combat capabilities. Pressing the R Button and a Face Button of their choice once the Golden Dagger Meter near the players’ HP and MP meters is full will unleash a devastating attack using their companions.

If the player finds themselves in a bit of a pickle, being able to use the “Unleash The Dragon” move with R + B, players will be powered up and able to take down more powerful foes than ever before. Depending on the party situation, they will be able to use their Fortes in combat and find creative ways to destroy their foes.

Thankfully, no matter if the player chooses Erik or Mia, they will be able to utilize these amazing powers wherever they are. That is, as long as the Golden Dagger Meter is filling up from combat encounters.

Alongside these powers, players will find excellent ways to take down their enemies in combat. Using their natural-born strength to their advantage, or the power of friendship, this Golden Dagger Meter will give gamers the advantage they need to take down any enemy.

Dragon Quest Treasures is available now on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on December 12th, 2022

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