Where To Find And Use The Police Locker Master Key In Warzone 2 DMZ

Get in and get out quickly with this helpful guide.

by Shaun Cichacki
Image: Attack Of The Fanboy

Get ready to drop in Al Mazrah, the original DMZ location, to try and find the Police Locker Master Key, and where to use it. Not only is this one of the most prominent locations on the map, but it can also be one of the most confusing to enter if you don’t know where to start searching. With the overall protection surrounding it, alongside it being a hotspot for player activity, get ready to infiltrate and extract as quickly as possible while searching for all of the best loot around.

Where To Find The Police Locker Master Key in Warzone 2 DMZ

Image: Attack Of The Fanboy

While players may not be able to find the Police Locker Master Key in any specific place, eliminating hostile NPCs, and raiding loot caches may be the quickest way to make this happen. However, there is also the task of getting inside the Police Academy, which is its own separate deal with its own individual key.

Suppose you’re a newer player or someone that doesn’t care too much for the missions, the White Lotus. In that case, the Convenience mission for White Lotus is one of the only surefire ways to gain an Al Mazrah Police Station Key, granting immediate access to this tricky location.

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Where To Use The Police Locker Master Key In Warzone 2 DMZ

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  • Police-Academy-COD-DMZ
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  • DMZ-Police-Academy-Door-COD

For those looking for quick access to the Al Mazrah Police Academy, head toward G3 on the map as soon as possible. You’ll know that you’ve arrived when you see flags waving in the wind, showing criminals where they will spend the rest of their days. If you have approached from the front, head to the right side immediately and spot the door located in the photo above.

The Al Mazrah Police Academy is a hotspot for NPC, as well as Player activity, so make sure to prepare before heading in. Loading up on some Contraband Weapons could be the easiest way to clear all of the enemy activity out of the way before getting inside.

Once inside, use the Police Locker Master Key to start popping open lockers and claiming the goods from within. Head for the extraction point, and pat yourself on the back for another successful mission. While the game is tough, the reward is a feeling greater than anything before it.

While you’re visiting Al Mazrah, try and scope out the Lieutenant Briefcase location to see what other goodies can await you and the squad shortly. You may need to plan a little road trip before going to this location, but it’s worth every second.

- This article was updated on February 22nd, 2023