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World of Warcraft Shadowlands: How to Earn Grateful Offerings

If you want Renown cosmetics you'll need to bolster your Anima Conductor.

by Brandon Adams


Grateful Offerings are used to purchase cosmetic rewards from your Covenant’s Renown vendor in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, and there’s only one way to farm them. Well, more like six ways if we want to split hairs, but they are all tied to a single system that will take time, Anima, and Redeemed Souls to fully unlock.

Grateful Offerings in Shadowlands are earned from completing Anima Conductor activities.

Grateful Offerings are tied to the various activities you can power-up at your Covenant’s Anima Conductor, and if you want to collect as many as you can to purchase all the cosmetics available from the Renown vendor you’ll need to stay on top of your Anima farm. Redeemed Souls will be easy enough to earn thanks to the weekly quest, but they will act as a time-gate to upgrading your Anima Conductor. You’ll need at least 1000 Anima and 1 Redeemed Soul to first unlock the Conductor and start farming Grateful Offerings, but you should easily knock this out shortly after you reach level 60.

Once you’ve unlocked the Anima Conductor you will have access to two activities, and you can only enable one a day. You can technically access both if you log in daily, since the activity rewards reset with the daily reset, yet the activity lasts 24-hours from the time of activation. Double-dipping like this means you’ll earn more Grateful Offerings a day, which start at 3 per activity. That’s the difference between 90 Grateful Offerings a month, and 180. Since the most expensive cosmetics in Shadowlands require 50 Grateful Offerings and are locked behind rather high Renown ranks, casual players can easily acquire the amount they need if they keep up with their Tier 1 Anima Conductor.

To make your Grateful Offerings grind easier and faster though you’ll want to bank your Anima and Redeemed Souls every week and spend them on Anima Conductor upgrades, which will unlock two additional activities each (up to six total). Be sure to activate a new activity every time you login as well, because after ten you can “reinforce” an activity to keep it up permanently. Keep this up to eventually have six activities every day, and more Grateful Offerings than you can spend in Shadowlands.

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