Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Aid From Above Shrine Guide

Learn how to beat Sahirow Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will test smarts and skills with its numerous trials. While some players might find themselves stuck on tough boss battles, others might not have the best luck in resolving certain shrines. The Sahirow Shrine with its Aid from Above challenge requires great understanding of the mechanics and movement in Tears of the Kingdom. Even without enemies, players without good timing or reflexes might find this shrine to be exceptionally deadly.

How to Beat the Aid from Above Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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The task this shrine provides players is fairly straightforward. Link must avoid lasers if he doesn’t want the ground to literally fall from underneath him. Some lasers can be avoided through jumps while others can be avoided by crouching under them. The first section of the shrine lets players get used to these rules before allowing them to ascend through a moving platform.

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Players can continue onward if they continue left, but they should head right first to avoid getting locked out of the optional treasure. The treasure is behind a gate that only opens when the nearby laser is activated. Luckily, there are two objects that can be moved with the Ultrahand nearby. Pass the laser and block it with an object to grab the chest, then move the object again and continue down the main path.

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Players will be trapped in a corridor from here, forcing them to dodge three sets of lasers. The first one can be avoided by jumping while the second one is avoided through crouching. The third set will create a massive grid, making it seemingly impossible to avoid. Luckily, the lasers are surrounded by a massive block, allowing players to ascend above the lasers and avoid any danger.

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The final section of this challenge will have the lasers moving toward the player, requiring good timing for those who wish to stay alive. Each failure will result in a drop down a bottomless pit, taking away an entire heart’s worth of health. Preparing your ascension before the final set of lasers can be a big help, so make sure you can keep your aim steady to avoid a last-minute downfall.

Rewards for Completing the TOTK Aid From Above Shrine

When you have completed the Sahirow Shrine you will receive the standard “Light of Blessing” as the usual reward for finishing Shrines. There is no difference for this one but it is still worth your time for venturing through the vast laser beam arrays to reach your goal. We found a lot of enjoyment in working through this challenge because of just how chaotic it could be at points.

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There are plenty of shrines in the game each with their own unique trials/challenges to learn about. The Light of Blessings which you receive from Shrines will let you increase either your maximum health or maximum stamina when you have at least four Light of Blessings in your inventory. You can redeem the Light of Blessings at any Goddess Statue — it is always useful to be completing the shrines!

- This article was updated on May 31st, 2023

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