My Hero Academia Chapter 407 Leaks and Spoilers Reveal the Origins of an Ancient Evil

The birth of the Symbol of Evil.

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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My Hero Academia Chapter 407 may be one of the most important chapters to date, according to the information given by leakers. This chapter focuses on an ancient villain and may reveal their mysterious origins.

The chapter gives major insight into the origins of Quirks and the events that occurred during the enigmatic Dawn of Quirks. It is a chapter that fans of the series will not want to miss. Keep reading to learn more about the leaks and spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 407.

Beware of the spoilers below for My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia Chapter 407 Leaks Delve Into the Birth of a Symbol

According to trusted leakers like @RukasuMHA, the chapter begins with a homeless young woman who was diagnosed with a rare and incurable disease. This illness, which was later confirmed to be one of the first Quirks in history, manifested itself as a spike-like tumor on her arm. The woman was pregnant at the time and died shortly after giving birth to her twins.

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The babies were swiftly taken from her mother when a flood caused them to be dragged by a wave. One year after their birth, the glowing baby referenced in Chapter 1 is born, bringing the existence of Quirk into the public eye. This caused civilians to treat Quirked individuals as monsters, hunting them with the intent of erasing them from existence.

Several years later, we see a group of Anti-Meta soldiers who come across a young All For One, one of the twins born from the young woman we saw at the beginning of the chapter.

By using his mother’s Quirk, which he stole at birth, he killed all the men who tried to hurt him. Even as a child, he still considered himself superior to everyone. His brother Yoichi, the first user of One for All, tried to stop him, but All For One simply kicked him away.

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Several years later, the siblings are reading comic books, with Yoichi fascinated with the heroes depicted in them. All For One, on the other hand, began idolizing villains. We skip a couple of years and see them as teenagers. All For One is annoyed at the glowing baby having millions of supporters worldwide despite not having been the first Quirked individual. He decided to kill him and steal his Quirk.

Yoichi asks why he did such a thing, and All For One reveals that he dreams about becoming a villain like the ones in comics. He wants everyone and everything in the world to exist for his sake. Yoichi tries to run, but All For One tells him that he owns him. Kudou, the second user, tries to help Yoichi escape by grabbing his hand, but his brother cuts it off.

Raw Scans Depict All For One as a Child

The raw scans for My Hero Academia Chapter 407 hide many details that are truly important to understanding the chapter.

From the first page, we can see the twins’ mother growing a spike similar to the ones used by the Symbol of Evil during fights. We were led to believe that only kids and teenagers were able to awaken Quirks during the Dawn of Quirks, but that does not seem to be the case.

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Many adults, at least 50 in Africa according to All for One, were infected by the illness that caused Quirks to appear in the world. This solidifies the theory that Quirks come from a virus or germ that infected humans.

The scans also depict many unsettling events that can be uncomfortable for many to read. To begin with, All for One is always seen with a sinister look and a villainous smile. It is extremely upsetting to such a young boy with such an evil and cruel look in his eyes. How he also absorbed nutrients by feeding on his mother’s corpse is beyond creepy.

The deaths of the soldiers are gruesome and work perfectly in showing the reader how unhinged All for One has been since childhood.  Still, it is extremely interesting to see how Kohei Horikoshi used the twins’ body sizes to depict their unequal power. All for One is always seen as a healthy boy with a large body. In contrast, Yoichi seems malnourished and weak, incapable of standing up to his brother.

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