Who Do Mikey and Takemichi Bring Back to Life In Tokyo Revengers?

Did Mikey and Takemichi saved their friends?

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Tokyo Revengers is a series where many of the most beloved characters meet a tragic end. As the series progressed, the protagonist Takemichi, as well as fans, witnessed the final moments of various friends and foes.

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Fortunately, the ending of the series gave him and his friend Mikey a chance to remake history and prevent so many senseless deaths. The final chapters of the manga can be somewhat confusing for some fans, as these events feel slightly rushed. Below, you will find all the information about who Mikey and Takemichi brought back to life in Tokyo Revengers.

Beware of spoilers below for Tokyo Revengers.

Who did Mikey and Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers?

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During the last chapters of the Tokyo Revengers manga, Mikey and Takemichi travel back in time and awaken in their child bodies. Armed with the knowledge of what will happen in the future, the two friends work hard to prevent the tragic events that lead to the deaths of their friends. By doing this, most of the characters that were killed throughout the series were brought back to life.

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By preventing Shinichiro’s death they saved Izana, Kakucho, Kazutora, Emma, and Muto, as their deaths were at least slightly related to the older Sano’s death. Since Shinichiro never received the power to go back in time, Kisaki did not grow to resent Takemichi, preventing Tetta and Hina’s deaths. Lastly, Mikey and Takemichi made sure to prevent wars between gangs, preventing Draken from being shot.

What Other Deaths Were Avoided?

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Although not as popular as other characters, there is one man whose death was the catalyst for the events of Tokyo Revengers, the previous owner of the time leap power. He was killed by Shinichiro during the timeline when Mikey died after a tragic accident. Before dying, he cursed Shinichiro, causing many characters to develop dark impulses that turned them into bloodthirsty killers.

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Additionally, characters like South Terrano (Leader of the Rokuhara Tandai), Osanai, and Akane Inupi whose deaths were not as significant to the story stayed alive. It is unknown if any significant deaths occurred in the final timeline of the series, but it is unlikely, as most important characters were present during Takemichi’s wedding.  

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