Modern Warfare Season 2 – Every New Map, Mode, and Weapon

The Modern Warfare 2 themed Season 2 brings back Rust and Ghost as well as tons of new additions.

by Diego Perez

Although we already knew about some of the content coming with Modern Warfare Season 2 thanks to a teaser released last week, we finally have confirmation that Rust, Ghost, and much, much more are making their way into Modern Warfare with the new update. Season 2, which releases on February 11, is set to be Modern Warfare’s biggest content drop yet, with multiple maps, modes, and weapons set to release over the coming weeks.

New Season 2 Maps

Modern Warfare is in drastic need of new maps, and Season 2 is bringing back an old favorite. Rust will be available on day one of Season 2, marking the first time the map has made an appearance in its original form since its release 11 years ago in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Due to its small size, Rust will serve as both a standard multiplayer map and a gunfight map, similar to Shipment from Season 1.


Season 2 will also feature two brand-new original maps for multiplayer, but only one of them will be available on day one. Atlas Superstore is a supercenter warehouse with a mixture of tight corridors and open areas. The other map, Khandor Hideout, is slated to release later in the Season, but details are scarce about the new battleground as of right now.

Ground War and Gunfight fans won’t be left out, either, as Season 2 is bringing new maps to both modes. Zhokov Boneyard is the Season’s new Ground War map, a scrapyard filled with discarded airplane parts. Speaking of scrapyards, Zhokov Boneyard looks like it may contain parts of the classic Modern Warfare map Scrapyard, which also featured airplane parts strewn about the battlefield. We’ll find out on February 11, as Zhokov Boneyard will be available on day one of Season 2.


For Gunfight, there’s Bazaar, a rundown street intersection with scattered debris and cover placed all over. The streets provide wide sightlines, but players can try to get to higher ground to gain an advantage. Rust will also be available in Gunfight, but that map needs no introduction. Both will be released alongside the update on February 11.

New Season 2 Modes

Season 2 will add a handful of new modes to Modern Warfare to hopefully keep things feeling fresh. Gunfight Tournaments, which were tested for a brief period during Season 1, are returning for Season 2, although they “will be live for a limited time” according to the Activision Blog. The same rules apply as last time, although the number of players has been doubled from 16 teams to 32 teams.

For the more competitive Modern Warfare players, a Call of Duty League Ruleset Playlist will go live with the Season 2 update. This playlist uses an identical ruleset to that of the pros, so any aspiring competitive Call of Duty players will be able to test their mettle online. At higher skill levels, normal Modern Warfare lobbies can start to feel like competitive endeavors, so hopefully this playlist will give competitive players their own space and allow for more relaxed play in casual playlists.


Demolition will also be making a return later in the Season. Demolition is a classic Call of Duty mode that was surprisingly absent at launch. The round-based mode pits two teams against one another, tasking them with destroying and defending bomb sites. Modern Warfare’s mechanics lend themselves nicely to objective-based game modes, so Demolition will fit right in.

Modern Warfare Season 1 added Infected, but Season 2 is expanding on the mode with Infected Ground War, which is exactly what it sounds like. Survivors battle an increasingly large onslaught of infected players, although on a much larger scale. Another Season 1 mode, Reinforce, is getting a new twist, this time with night vision goggles. NVG Reinforce is the same mode from last Season, just only on night maps, and it’ll be available sometime mid-Season.

New Season 2 Weapons

Modern Warfare Season 1 brought back some classic Modern Warfare weapons with slight changes under new names, and that seems to be the case for Season 2 as well. The Striker 45 is a powerful SMG that has more potential at long range compared to its counterparts. This weapon appears to be similar to the UMP45, a fan-favorite Modern Warfare 2 SMG, and it is unlocked at Tier 31 of the Season 2 Battle Pass. The Grau 5.56 is a lightweight assault rifle that, like the Striker, performs well at range, and it seems to be similar to the Swat 556 assault rifle from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The Grau 5.56 is unlocked at Tier 15 of the Season 2 Battle Pass.


Another new weapon is teased on the Season 2 Roadmap, although no information was shared regarding the mystery weapon. Some eagle-eyed fans were able to recognize that the weapon may be an M26 MASS shotgun.

New Season 2 Operators

Season 2 will bring three new operators to Modern Warfare, including Ghost from Modern Warfare 2, and you can get him just by getting the Season 2 Battle Pass. He’s unlocked at Tier 1, just like Mara was during Season 1.


Two other operators, Mace and Talon, are confirmed for Season 2, although there isn’t a release date for either character. Both will appear sometime during the Season, but they’ll only be available for purchase in the in-game store, similar to Nikto. The Nikto operator bundle was priced at 2400 COD Points, so Mace and Talon are likely to cost the same.

- This article was updated on February 21st, 2020