Nintendo Direct February 2022: No Man’s Sky Switch Port

18 Quintillion Planets in the Palm of Your Hands.

by J.R. Waugh


In addition to blockbuster announcements for some of Nintendo’s heaviest-hitting IPs, the Nintendo Direct Livestreams typically show at least one port of a popular game to add to the Switch roster.  The February 2022 installment was no exception, adding the 2016 Space Exploration/Survival game No Man’s Sky.  While the title earned an initially lukewarm reception, with particularly negative reactions from the players themselves to a poor graphical experience on PC and general issues on the PS4, the game has since gained its footing and even a following.  Read more for our coverage on the Nintendo Direct Announcement of the No Man’s Sky Switch Port!

Nintendo Direct February 2022: No Man’s Sky Switch Port

This announcement was a bit shocking.  With Hello Games’ project boasting procedurally generated worlds numbering in the quintillions, how was the Switch’s limited hardware supposed to handle this game?  Well, as the reveal trailer suggests, the Switch appears to handle the vast landscapes incredibly well, and if you don’t believe it, check out the video:

What’s impressive is the seeming lack of compromise in the presentation.  The Switch has handled many AAA ports with varying degrees of success, but this type of experience on a handheld console is an impressive endeavor.  You are treated to a colorful showcase of lush scenery, diverse wildlife, and impressive backdrops; you are even treated to a peek at lifting off into space, with a steady framerate.  The trailer ends with an overview of the 5 years of updates the game will also include, and appears highly promising as far as Switch ports go.

While the port won’t be as graphically impressive as on other platforms, which is only fair, given it now has PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X support as well as being on PC, the promise of being able to play this on the go makes for an enticing proposal.

No Man’s Sky comes to the Nintendo Switch in the Summer of 2022, as revealed by the Nintendo Direct.  Be sure to read on for more of our coverage on the February announcements.

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