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Killzone 3: One More Reason Why it’s the Year of the PS3

With each and every bit and morsel that comes out of the Sony and Guerrilla Games Camp regarding Killzone 3, you begin to see a clearer picture of what might be the best shooter in 2011. If the video below doesn't get your attention and clearly mark February 22nd as a day you should be calling in sick, perhaps you don't like shooters as much as you proclaim.

Homefront Developer Explains Consequences of Violence

In this latest developer diary for Homefront, the military shooter coming from Kaos studios, the developers explain the consequences of violence in the upcoming shooter. As more and more unfolds from the game, Homefront is shaping up to be a tragic story of loss that many in the FPS playing community have not experienced in previous shooter games.

Kinect Hack for Virtual Breast Enhancement

Extreme Boob Jiggling, it has a following that cannot be denied. So much so that a modification was developed for the Microsoft Kinect motion camera that allows the user to delve deeper than ever before into the world of remote virtual boobie jiggling.

Xbox 360 hits 50 Million Units Worldwide

The Xbox 360 has sold 50 million units worldwide as of the announcement by Steve Ballmer at CES '11. In the keynote, the CEO addressed the large number of units and also spoke on the 30 million users that have Xbox Live accounts tied to those 50 million 360 units.

Avatar Kinect Revealed

The previously leaked Avatar Kinect game that we talked about yesterday was finally revealed at CES on Wednesday night. Through the Xbox Live based service, the Kinect will recognize your avatar's facial features.

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