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Learn the Basics of Killstreaks in Killzone 3

Killzone 3 will arrive on store shelves shortly and if you want to survive in multiplayer you better get practicing on your Killstreak proficiency. But since the multiplayer demo doesn't arrive until Feburary 3rd it looks like this latest video from the developers will have to do.

Crysis 2 Review: The Demo

Sequel to one of the greatest PC shooters ever, Crysis 2 offers console players their first taste of Crytek's unique shooter gameplay. Featuring futuristic war, gorgeous destruction and the chance to kick alien butt on the grandest stage of all, New York City, Crysis 2 is destined at the least to equal its predecessor, if not surpass it.

Dead Space 2 Severed DLC Details

EA not wasting anytime giving the fans of Dead Space 2 more of what they are craving in Dead Space 2 DLC. You might not admit you want it right now, but as soon as you finish the game you will be going back for more.

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