10 Best One Piece Quotes Across the Entire Series

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by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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One Piece is a show beloved by millions of fans for its incredible storytelling. One of the most praised aspects of the series is how realistic and alive its characters can feel at times.

Eiichiro Oda, the author of the original manga, proved how talented he is by creating some of the most relatable and inspiring characters in history. This can be seen in the motivational and emotional speeches that said characters have made throughout the series. Below, you can find the best quotes across the entire One Piece series.

Beware of spoilers below for One Piece.

A List of the Best Quotes in One Piece

The following quotes have been selected by how impactful they were, the significance of the moment they were said, or how much fans love them. Some are loved by how inspirational and heartfelt they are, while others are a perfect example of how impactful One Piece can be.

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“You Can Spill Drinks on Me, Even Spit on Me. I’ll Just Laugh About it. But If for any Reason You A Friend of Mine… I Won’t Forgive You!” – Shanks

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Shanks may be one of the most powerful beings in One Piece, but he is by no means a scary man. Almost everyone who has come across the Red-Hair Pirates Captain agrees that he is a friendly and kind man. Still, when he gets angry, he can become one of the most dangerous men alive. Higuma and his group of bandits learned this the hard way when they tried to hurt Luffy.

A few days before, Higuma entered Makino’s bar demanding sake, with Shanks offering him the last bottle. The bandit refused the offer and instead attacked Shanks, who simply laughed off the event. Luffy tried to regain Shanks’ honor but was captured by the bandits instead. Shanks, seeing his protegee in danger, demonstrated to the bandits why they should never mess with his friends.

“The Flower Of Friendship Can Bloom Even In Hell.” – Bon Clay

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When Bon Clay was first introduced to the franchise, he was a villain working for the heinous Sir Crocodile. However, as he got to know Luffy and the rest of the Straw hats, he changed his ways, turning into one of their most loyal allies. He has put his life at risk several times just to ensure that his friends will be able to escape.

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During the Impel Down arc, Bon Clay realized that Luffy would not be able to save Ace if the warden, Magellan. He decided to face the imposing man alone, giving his friends enough time to get far away from the prison, but not before reminding Luffy that he would always be his friend. Bon Clay is the friend that everyone deserves to have.

“There Are Times When You Have to Fight No Matter What! And That Time, Is When Your Friend’s Dreams Are Laughed At!” – Usopp

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Before joining the Straw Hat crew, Usopp was a coward who would lie to make himself seem more interesting. As he traveled with his friends across the sea, he began gaining confidence and strength, becoming a vital member of Luffy’s team. While he is often terrified by the idea of fighting, he does so nonetheless, proving how brave he has become.

Nowhere was Usopp’s loyalty and strong spirit better depicted than during the Arabasta Arc. While he ran from Drophy and Mr. 4, Usopp was captured and told that Luffy had been killed by Sir Crocodile. The villains went on to mock Usopp’s Captain calling his dreams dumb and impossible. Despite being badly injured, Usopp kept fighting to prove to the duo that Luffy’s dreams were not to be mocked.

“A Man Dies… When He is Forgotten.” – Dr. Hiriluk

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Dr. Hiriluk was the one who took Chopper as his son after the young reindeer consumed his Devil Fruit. He inspired Chopper to become a doctor who helps anyone, no matter who they are. Chopper tried to impress his father by bringing him a couple of mushrooms that he found near their home. Sadly, the plant ended up being poisonous, meaning that Hiriluk would irreparably die after consuming them.

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Instead of allowing the mushrooms to kill him, which would fill his son with guilt, he went to face Wapol, an unhinged king who wanted him dead for healing plebians. Before his life came to an end, Hiriluk humiliated Wapol one last time, reminding him that his actions would far outlive him. As long as someone holds the memory of Hiriluk in their hearts, the doctor will never be gone.

“No Matter Who You Are, Ain’t No One Born Into This World to Be Alone.” – Jaguar D. Saul

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Ohara used to be a prosperous land where scholars would go to learn about the secrets of One Piece’s world. Woefully, when the World Government learned about their research into the Void Century, the Marines were sent to exterminate everyone on the island. Nico Robin, who was still a child at the time, was a witness to this cruel massacre.

One of her best friends, the giant Saul, sacrificed himself to allow the small girl a chance to live a full life. When he saw Robin refusing to leave him behind, he promised her that one day she would find true friends who would sail the seas with her. Years later, Saul’s promise became reality when Robin joined the Straw hat crew.

“Nothing Happened…” – Roronoa Zoro

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Unlike most other quotes in the series, this one does not contain an inspiring message. However, it is by far one of the most touching for fans who know about its context. During the Thriller Bark arc, Luffy received an unimaginable amount of damage. If that was not enough, the Pacifista Kuma was tasked with hunting and killing the young man, who was in no shape to fight him.

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Zoro, who is arguably Luffy’s most loyal friend, pleaded with the android not to kill his captain. Kuma agreed, but only if Zoro took all of the pain that Luffy felt onto his body. The swordsman accepted, almost dying due to the intense pain. When Sanji looked at him, he immediately questioned Zoro, but the green-haired man refused to say what happened.

“If We Lose Credibility Just By Admitting Fault, We Didn’t Have Any In The First Place.” – Admiral Fujitora

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The Marines are considered the guardians of peace and justice in the world of One Piece. Lamentably, they have proven several times how corrupt they can be. Most Marines work to maintain the inequalities of the world and protect only the Celestial Dragons. Admiral Fujitora is one of the few soldiers who has proven how committed he is to actual justice.

Shortly after Luffy defeated Doflamingo and saved Dressrosa, Fujitora admitted that the Straw Hat crew were the ones to save the people. Akainu became enraged, claiming that this would make the World Government seem dishonest and weak. Issho, who has never been one to hide his thoughts, countered Akainu by claiming that they already had limited credibility for their past actions.

“Being Alone is More Painful than Being Hurt.” – Monkey D. Luffy

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Luffy and Ace were amazing siblings, caring and loyal to each other. However, this was not always the case, as Ace was not always Luffy’s beloved older brother. As a child, Ace was rude, aggressive, and downright mean to Luffy.  Despite his attitude, Luffy still wanted to become Ace’s friend, going as far as to protect him from a group of bandits despite being hurt because of it.

When Ace questioned why Luffy saved him, the young boy stated that he did so because he preferred to have a friend who would cause him pain rather than being alone. This made Ace realize how much Luffy truly cared for him. Luffy may have been young at the time, but he was already conscious of how much loneliness can hurt a person.

“There Is Yet Joy Beyond Your Sorrows.” – Jinbe

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Losing Ace was one of the worst moments in Luffy’s life. He was not able to do anything but sit there and hold his brother for the last time. If not for Jinbe, Luffy would have stayed in shock and the villainous Admiral would have killed him as well. Tragically, Luffy did not see it that way, lashing out at Jinbe and stating that he should have been killed along with Ace.

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Jinbe, tired of hearing the usually confident Luffy speak that way about himself, began lecturing the Straw Hat Captain. He reminded him that he still had a crew and many friends who would not want him to throw his life away. In just a couple of words, Jinbe reminded Luffy and the audience that the sadness and pain we may feel will not last forever.

“As Long as I Live, There Are Infinite Chances” – Monkey D. Luffy

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If there is one thing Luffy is known for, besides his ginormous appetite, is his iron will. No matter how many times he is knocked down, the Straw Hat Captain will never back down. This was made clear during his fight against Kaido, the tyrannical ruler of the Land of Wano. Luffy was knocked unconscious several times, beaten to a pulp, and left to fight the Emperor alone.

Yet, he never once tried to escape the conflict or beg Kaido for mercy. When Yonko asked Luffy if he believed that he had a chance to defeat him, Luffy refused to admit that he couldn’t. Among Luffy’s many motivational quotes, this one holds special significance because he achieved the impossible and defeated Kaido in the end.

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