Overwatch 2’s New Competitive Ranking System is Upsetting Some Players

Fighting an Uphill Battle With Your Heroes.

by Weilong Mao


For those familiar with competitive gaming, the idea of climbing up the ranking system is an upsetting and arduous process is certainly not an unfamiliar one, the same thing can be said in this stance for Overwatch 2. Following the recent global launch of the Hero Shooter, players despite issues with the long queues at the starting screen have gotten into the game and started making progress on deciding their ranks in this new title.

If there’s one thing that the new 5v5 system has proven successful at doing, it is casting doubts as to whether or not the sequel to Overwatch 1 would create a shift in a game once centered around cooperation. Players seemingly hold concerns for the new change fostering a lone wolf mentality that shines favorably on damage heroes as opposed to the original objective-oriented team pushing strategies that required the efforts of tanks and supports.

If contemporary player feedback is to be taken into account, however, concerns about getting good teammates right now probably lesser than the grievances regarding fair individual evaluation. Players that have undergone placement matches for the ranking system in Overwatch 2 have all seemingly pointed to the low importance that is placed on winning streaks or good performances. With previously above-average players allegedly finding themselves now placing in low bronze or silvers.

This sub-standard average that players seem to be receiving comes as a bit of a concern to the general competitive player base for Overwatch. As previously confirmed by the official AMA, players that have played past titles will not have their MMRs reset. Meaning that players despite having to start once more from placement matches in terms of determining a new competitive rank are fighting enemies of about the same strength as themselves. Victories achieved under such conditions, especially winning streaks feel hollow by the low ranks attributed at the end of the struggle.

There are speculations as to why the weighting system operates in this current manner, some players assume it to be due to the lack of a new rating curve due to overwatch 2 being a game with mixed audiences, consisting of new and old players, while others argue that this is Blizzard’s way of increasing player activity, as placing players in ranks lower than previously allocated will motivate them towards climbing back up to the usual ranks they are placed in the original game.

Here’s hoping that such a process will be marred by as few technical errors as possible on the game’s end.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


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