Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Subreddit Went Live a Week Before Official Title Reveal

Where the Name Comes Out Before the Game.

by Weilong Mao


There are reasons to be speculative as to how the subreddit for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom came to be a week earlier than the official announcement at the most recent Nintendo Direct. It’s uncertain as to why that is. During the Nintendo Direct that occurred on September 13, the official title for the sequel to Breath of the Wild turned out to be Tears of the Kingdom, and with that ends the lengthy work-in-progress title.

Alongside the reveal came a new trailer that showcased numerous aspects of the sequel that the player can expect to utilize to their advantage as they traverse the new terrains and geographies set to feature in the upcoming title. The game seemingly features new methods of manipulating objects using the Sheikah Slate, and in addition, provided players with new ways to maneuver across the air with the inclusion of a new giant glider that might come in handy for the various islands in the sky that newly dots the horizon.

Among such revelations are the intrigue surrounding the community that has formulated around the game, specifically, a subreddit that sprung to life a week before the reveal of the Zelda title. Aptly named Tears of the Kingdom, the subreddit is a mystery to its now active members who are trying to figure out who started the subreddit, and how they came to possess the information needed for making it in the first place.

Some have speculated as to this being the works of a Nintendo employee or insider, wanting to claim the name before it is taken by random internet denizens. One particular post in the subreddit points to the maker’s ambiguous past. The user is supposedly active in the subreddit for Seattle, where the headquarters for Nintendo of America is situated, and is named curiously enough after an old videogame, Milon’s Secret Castle. An old Nintendo title released back in 1986 following an uncommunicative protagonist saving citizens and the queen of a castle.

The speculations were cut short following the maker’s deletion of their Reddit account but hasn’t completely stopped as a result of the factors that seemingly paint the claims of the subreddit name as more than just a coincidence.

Companies might indeed have a financial incentive to grab the site names associated with their IPs first before they are held for ransom by online users, it is difficult to ascertain whether or not that was the case here looking at the course of events, which only serves to feed the intrigue surrounding the upcoming Zelda title. Assuming that the subreddit was indeed made by someone affiliated with Nintendo, then some official interactions with the community could happen later down the line of the game’s reveal, especially when a release date is in place.

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is set to release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on May 12, 2023.

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