All 4-Star Banner Characters in Genshin Impact 2.7

The 4-Star Characters That Are Set to Accompany the Banners in 2.7.

by Weilong Mao


Following the recent Live Stream, players may have formulated a general idea for the characters that they can expect from the character banner of Genshin Impact patch 2.7. Alongside the new characters set to arrive are the old 4-star characters that will release concurrently with Event Wish banners. Those 4-stars being the byproduct that players will encounter while making up their pity count towards a 5-star are necessary to consider from an investment standpoint. This guide will elaborate on the 4-stars that come with the character banners of patch 2.7.

All the 4-Star characters that are obtainable from banners in Genshin Impact 2.7.

In the first half of Genshin Impact patch 2.7, players can expect to see from the character banner the 4-star characters BarbaraYanfei, and Noelle. And in the second half, players will find the new 4-star character Kuki Shinobu alongside Itto’s re-run banner, with the remaining 4-star characters currently unknown. Those are the information given by data miners. The first half begins as soon as patch 2.7 drops on the 31st of May. And transitions into the second half starting from the 21st of June.

For an experienced Genshin player, the names Barbara and Noelle would perhaps be familiar at this point. With Barbara being given out for free on numerous occasions when Genshin first started its service, and Noelle being a guaranteed unit on the beginner character banner. From a collection standpoint, players would most likely already have copies of those two characters. Yanfei on the other hand saw her first release just a year ago alongside the debut of Eula, which makes her rarer. Despite her having made numerous appearances on multiple re-run banners after that day.

Neither of the three 4-star characters is particularly new, with numerous attributable appearances each. There is an argument that can be made for Noelle if players have an interest in getting more of her constellations, making her sturdy support that is capable of outputting respectable damage.

Extending the idea of collecting characters further to the second half of patch 2.7, players with an interest in acquiring Shinobu would likely find themselves rolling into the constellation of other 4-star characters, or even Itto when they are blazing through their supplies of hard-earned Primogems. And there’s not much to be done in that regard due to the lack of a guaranteed pity system for specific 4-star characters, players can only hope that they will stay in the good grace of whatever Archon’s responsible for the results of the pulling sessions that they’ll find themselves in.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, and iOS.



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