All Crew RIG Locations in Dead Space Remake

Here's how to create the master key for Ishimura's locks.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you looking for all crew RIG locations in Dead Space Remake so you can make the Master Override and earn the Full Clearance trophy? You will need to locate 7 RIGs of the Ishimura crew and complete the You Are Not Authorized side quest. The Dead Space Remake brings us a ton of collectibles like Weapon Upgrades, Schematics, and Power Nodes for us to find while navigating the Ishimura. Unfortunately, these locations are usually hard to find, and no hints are given to make finding them more accessible. However, we have compiled the locations of all 7 RIGs to make it easier for you. Here are all crew RIG locations in Dead Space Remake.

All Crew RIG Locations in Dead Space Remake

You will obtain a side quest called You Are Not Authorized, which will task you to find RIGS of Ishimura crew members. Once you have found all seven, you can complete the Master Override, which will give you access to the above locations.

Here are all seven RIG Locations in Dead Space Remake:

  • Overseer Voelkner’s RIG: You can find Overseer Voelkner’s RIG near the Oxygen Recharge station in Hangar Bay.
  • Mining Supervisor Dallas’s RIG: You can find Mining Supervisor’s RIG in the Mineral Processing Control after clearing the hazardous material.
  • Comms Officer Bailey’s RIG: You can find Comms Officer Bailey’s RIG in the Comms Control Room on the third floor, past the Comms Mess Hall.
  • Tram Supervisor Benson’s RIG: You can find Tram Supervisor Benson’s RIG in the Tram Maintenance Tunnels. This is only accessible after Chapter 9.
  • Chief Engineer Rosseau’s RIG: You can find Chief Engineer Rosseau’s RIG in the Fuel Storage Engineering, which is on the top floor. You will need Security Clearance Level 3 to access this room.
  • First Officer White’s RIG: You can find First Officer White’s RIG in the ADS Cannon Trench, past the third ADS cannon.
  • Lt. Commander Holt’s RIG: You can find Lt. Commander Holt’s RIG on the 2nd floor of the Hydroponics area underneath Necromorph tissue.

Dead Space Remake is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 30th, 2023