All Delibird Presents Locations In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Find out what each branch of Delibird Presents carries in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

by Shaun Cichacki

Players on the search for special items such as Evolutionary Stones in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet need to keep Delibird Presents on their list of places to visit. When players first set out on their journey, it’s just a great place to get some customization options, such as Rotom Phone Cases, but completing different storylines will unlock its true potential.

But, for those players that are scanning the lands of Paldea far and wide, they may have completely skipped over these wonderful little locations. As the stock continues to evolve alongside the players’ progression throughout the game, stopping at your local Delibird Presents is something every trainer should do. But, where do you find them?

Where To Find Delibird Presents In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

There are a total of three towns in this title that happen to house a Delibird Presents location, with some even harboring two of them. As players explore the vast world before them, knowing where to search for these special shops can help gamers get their hands on some great items quickly.

Mesagoza Delibird Presents Locations


On the eastern side of Mesagoza, players will encounter a Delibird Presents. Near the entrance of this school-bound town, players will be able to spot this one quite quickly. However, there is also another location in Mesagoza, on the western side of town. Both of these locations carry the same stock, so players don’t need to fret about which option to choose.


Closer to the western exit of Mesagoza, players will have another opportunity to snag some items before heading out on their grand adventure. For those that have chosen to go West when leaving Mesagoza for the first time, make sure that you’re taking the long way around to snag some necessities for your journey.

Cascarrafa Delibird Presents Locations


For players entering the waterlogged town of Cascarrafa, there are two Delibird Presents located in town. One of the easier ones to locate, depending on which way you have entered the town, is located on the second story. You’ll find its location on the map above, on the east side of town.


For players entering or leaving the Asado Desert, there is another Delibird Presents located on the lowest level of this town. You’ll find it near a few other accessory shops, allowing players to grab what they need before they head out on an adventure or even just a picnic.

Levincia Delibird Presents Location


The final town that houses a Delibird Presents is the electrifying town of Levincia. If you’re planning on taking on the Electric Gym Leader, players will be able to find this towards the North Fast Travel location. This is great for those about to head out on their journey to search for different Legendary Pokemon in the world, as this location is very close to some of the required items to unlock the new Legendary monsters.

What Items Are In Stock At Delibird Presents

Each of these locations happens to offer different items, but some will be unlocked as players progress throughout the story. Check each of these locations to find all of the special items that are within their walls, while players will want to continue checking out the stock as they continue through the story. Most of these items are locked behind Gym Progression, so those challenging Titans and Starfall Street Bosses may need to take on the Gyms sooner than expected.


Mesagoza Delibird Presents Stock

Item NameItem CostWhen Available
Ability Shield20,000Start
Assault Vest50,000Post Game
Blunder Policy50,000Post Game
Choice Band100,000Post Game
Choice Scarf100,0004 Gym Badges
Choice Specs100,000Post Game
Clear Amulet30,0004 Gym Badges
Destiny Knot20,0004 Gym Badges
Eviolite50,000Post Game
Expert Belt30,0004 Gym Badges
Focus Band10,000Start
Focus Sash50,0004 Gym Badges
Grip Claw10,0004 Gym Badges
King’s Rock10,0004 Gym Badges
Life Orb50,000Post Game
Miracle Seed3,000Start
Muscle Band8,000Start
Mystic Water3,000Start
Punching Glove15,0004 Gym Badges
Quick Claw8,000Start
Razor Claw15,0004 Gym Badges
Rocky Helmet50,0004 Gym Badges
Sharp Beak3,000Start
Silk Scarf3,000Start
Silver Powder3,000Start
Throat Spray20,0004 Gym Badges
Weakness Policy50,000Post Game
Wise Glasses8,000Start

Cascarrafa Delibird Presents Stock

Item NameItem CostWhen Available
Absorb Bulb5,0004 Gym Badges
Air Balloon15,0004 Gym Badges
Big Root10,000Start
Bright Powder30,000Post Game
Cell Battery5,0004 Gym Badges
Damp Rock8,0004 Gym Badges
Dragon Fang3,000Start
Electric Seed20,000Post Game
Grassy Seed20,000Post Game
Hard Stone3,000Start
Heat Rock8,0004 Gym Badges
Icy Rock8,0004 Gym Badges
Light Clay20,000Start
Luminous Moss5,0004 Gym Badges
Mental Herb10,0004 Gym Badges
Mirror Herb30,000Start
Misty Seed20,000Post Game
Normal Gem15,000Start
Poison Barb3,000Start
Power Herb30,000Post Game
Psychic Seed20,000Post Game
Shed Shell20,0004 Gym Badges
Smooth Rock8,0004 Gym Badges
Spell Tag3,000Start
Terrain Extender15,000Post Game
Utility Umbrella15,000Post Game
White Herb20,0004 Gym Badges

Levincia Delibird Presents Stock

Item NameItem CostWhen Available
Adrenaline Orb5,0004 Gym Badges
Binding Band20,0004 Gym Badges
Black Belt3,000Start
Black Glasses3,000Start
Black Sludge10,0004 Gym Badges
Covert Cloak20,000Start
Eject Button30,000Start
Eject Pack30,0004 Gym Badges
Flame Orb15,000Post Game
Heavy-Duty Boots20,0004 Gym Badges
Iron Ball20,000Post Game
Lagging Tail20,000Post Game
Loaded Dice20,000Start
Metal Coat3,000Start
Never-Melt Ice3,000Start
Protective Pads15,0004 Gym Badges
Red Card30,000Start
Ring Target10,000Start
Room Service20,000Post Game
Safety Googles20,0004 Gym Badges
Scope Lens15,000Start
Shell Bell20,000Start
Snowball5,0004 Gym Badges
Soft Sand3,000Start
Sticky Barb10,000Post Game
Toxic Orb15,000Post Game
Twisted Spoon3,000Start
Wide Lens20,000Start
Zoom Lens10,0004 Gym Badges

Items At All Delibird Presents Locations

Item NameItem CostWhen Available
Bottle Cap20,0006 Gym Badges
Fire Stone3,0003 Gym Badges
Leaf Stone3,0003 Gym Badges
Pink Nectar3003 Gym Badges
Power Anklet10,000Start
Power Band10,000Start
Power Belt10,000Start
Power Bracer10,000Start
Power Lens10,000Start
Power Weight10,000Start
Purple Nectar3003 Gym Badges
Red Nectar3003 Gym Badges
Smoke Ball15,0003 Gym Badges
Soothe Bell5,000Start
Sweet Apple2,2003 Gym Badges
Tart Apple2,2003 Gym Badges
Thunder Stone3,0003 Gym Badges
Water Stone3,0003 Gym Badges
Yellow Nectar3003 Gym Badges

Pokeballs Available At Delibird Presents

Item NameItem CostWhen Available
Dive Ball1,0005 Gym Badges
Dusk Ball1,0007 Gym Badges
Great Ball6001 Gym Badge
Heal Ball300Start
Luxury Ball3,0004 Gym Badges
Nest Ball1,0003 Gym Badges
Net Ball1,0003 Gym Badges
Quick Ball1,0006 Gym Badges
Repeat Ball1,0003 Gym Badges
Timer Ball1,0008 Gym Badges
Ultra Ball8005 Gym Badges

All Rotom Phone Cases in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Case NameCase CostLocation
Blue Case1,000Mesagoza
Brown Case1,000Mesagoza
Green Case1,000Mesagoza
Lavender Case1,000Mesagoza
Olive Case1,000Mesagoza
Purple Case1,000Mesagoza
Pink Case1,000Mesagoza
Rose Case1,000Mesagoza
Turquoise Case1,000Mesagoza
Yellow Case1,000Mesagoza
Sprigatito Case3,000Mesagoza
Fuecoco Case3,000Mesagoza
Quaxly Case3,000Mesagoza
Bug Case2,500Cascarrafa
Dark Case2,500Cascarrafa
Dragon Case2,500Cascarrafa
Electric Case2,500Cascarrafa
Fairy Case2,500Cascarrafa
Fighting Case2,500Cascarrafa
Fire Case2,500Cascarrafa
Flying Case2,500Cascarrafa
Ghost Case2,500Cascarrafa
Ground Case2,500Cascarrafa
Ice Case2,500Cascarrafa
Normal Case2,500Cascarrafa
Psychic Case2,500Cascarrafa
Poison Case2,500Cascarrafa
Rock Case2,500Cascarrafa
Steel Case2,500Cascarrafa
Water Case2,500Cascarrafa
Komala Log Case5,000Cascarrafa
Flabebe Flower Case5,000Cascarrafa
Magnemite Magnet Case5,000Cascarrafa
Gothita Ribbon Case5,000Cascarrafa
Black Case1,000Levincia
Cocoa Brown Case1,000Levincia
Cream Case1,000Levincia
Dark Brown Case1,000Levincia
Dark Green Case1,000Levincia
Navy Blue Case1,000Levincia
Orange Case1,000Levincia
Sky Blue Case1,000Levincia
White Case1,000Levincia
Wine Red Case1,000Levincia
Pikachu Case6,000Levincia
Eevee Case6,000Levincia
Swablue Sky Case5,000Levincia
Applin Apple Case5,000Levincia
Combee Honey Case5,000Levincia

With all of these items available, there are plenty of wonderful gifts to give your favorite Pokemon. No matter if it’s something to customize your character and their device a bit more, or if you want to increase the power of your favorite Pokemon, Delibird Presents is the greatest place in Paldea for you to visit! Players parking in Multiplayer adventures may want to make sure to bring all of their friends to these locations in the future, especially for Evolutionary Items.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on November 22nd, 2022

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