All Modern Warfare 2 Collaboration Skins and How to Get Them

Get these skins by eating or drinking delicious products!

by Christian Bognar

Skins are a great addition to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Activision is taking it a step further by getting some big-name companies into the mix. Collaboration skins are unlockable by doing real-world events, such as ordering a specific meal from a food chain, and in return, you will get the skin and double XP. This guide will cover all the collaboration skins available right now and what you need to do to unlock them in-game.

All Modern Warfare 2 Collaboration Skins

Mostly, these processes are straightforward, depending on your location. You want to make sure that these locations offer this promotion in your area, and if they do, you can then proceed to follow the steps below. Here are all the collaboration skins available at the moment, and if any more are added, we will make sure to update this post accordingly.

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Burger King

Unfortunately, this skin is only available in selected countries and not for everyone. If you are in one of the eligible countries, then you can quickly get this skin by going to the Burger King app or website, where there will be a special section labeled “Call of Duty.” Once players purchase an item on the menu, they must provide their email address where they’ll receive the code for the Burger Town skin and double EXP. Players must log into their Activision account, and then the code can be transferred to the actual game, officially unlocking it.

Hungry Jacks

This is similar to the Burger King skin, as the steps are similar. Head to the Hungry Jacks app and scroll to the tab labeled “Call of Duty.” It is a little different here, as players must order the Deluxe Baconator meal or a Fried Chicken combo through the app. Ordering the meal will then grant the players a code they can use to access this skin in-game. Players will also receive double EXP for one hour to increase their ranks faster.

Mountain Dew

Those who want to get the Mountain Dew skin must purchase the Mountain Dew cold drink first. Once players have bought this drink, they will be given the code on an area of the drink depending on which drink they purchased. For example, codes can be found underneath bottle caps, inside the cardboard packaging of can packs, or under the tab of Game Fuel cans with the Call of Duty logo. Once you receive the code, you can redeem it on the official Mountain Dew gaming website, where you will need to link your Activision account. It is important to note that if you purchase these Mountain Dew drinks at Circle K, you can get even more rewards for buying the drink.

Jack Links

Unlocking the Jack Links skin is a relatively simple process. Players must head to their local store and buy at least four packs of Jack Links jerky. There are a few options to choose from, and the Call of Duty logo must be present somewhere on the package. The code can then be found on this package and then can be redeemed on the official Call of Duty website by logging into your Activision account. Enter the code and hit submit to have these skins and rewards in-game officially.

If you want additional rewards, check out what Papa John’s offers by following our guide here. Unfortunately, they don’t provide a skin, but the three rewards they offer will be worth it as you enjoy some delicious pizza.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 1st, 2023