All Monster Hunter Rise Sub-Camp Locations: How to Unlock Camps in Every Area

Scoping out all the Monster Hunter Rise locale.

by Weilong Mao


For players wanting to navigate the locales efficiently in Monster Hunter Rise unlocking all the sub-camps as soon as possible should prove to be an attractive endeavor. With the game’s release on PC this month, questions that once plagued the minds of Switch players a year before have similarly exhibited themselves in players new to the franchise, the game, or just players needing a refresher on the tricks required to navigate the locations neighboring Kamura village once again with enhanced graphics. This guide will give a general overview of all the locales in Monster Hunter Rise, and what needs to be done to unlock all the sub-camps in each biome.

All locations in Monster Hunter Rise

Five diverse regions can be accessed by the player overall in Monster Hunter Rise, Shrine Ruins, Frost Islands, Sandy Plains, Flooded Forest, and Lava Caverns. Shrine Ruins and Flooded Forest both only have one sub-camp, whilst all the other maps have two sub-camps that can be unlocked.  Aside from Shrine Ruins, every locale that follows afterward is gradually made available to the player depending on their progress through the story quests.

A piece of universal advice that applies would be to scope out all the individual locations via going on an expedition tour through either the village or the hub maiden. That’s not to say that the camps can’t be found whilst doing actual quests, but it is probably less of a hassle if the player doesn’t have to multitask finding the camp location whilst juggling the need to find and defeat the monsters they are tasked to slay or capture.

How to unlock all the sub-camps


There are no changes to the unlocking process or the camp locations between the Switch and PC versions of the game. If the player is in the right location, a notification will pop up, telling the player that they’ve “discovered a suitable location for a sub-camp”. A request is offered in Kamura village by Kagero, the masked Wyverian merchant every time a prospective camping location is discovered during the player’s exploration. Completing these requests will unlock the corresponding sub-camps. This is something to keep in mind whilst going through all the existing spots. Below is a basic summary of all the locations, with specific guides on how to reach each location hyperlinked:

  • Shrine Ruins: Back of the map, in the mountains just slightly above zone 10. The request requires the player to slay 8 Izuchi in the Shrine Ruins, Izuchis generally congregate around zone 4 of the map.
  • Frost Islands: The first sub-camp is in a dampened pit between zone 6 and zone 7, and can be unlocked upon defeating 8 Zamite in the region. The second sub-camp is located in the glacial hills to the right of zone 8, presiding over the water section of the map. The request in this instance requires 2 warm pelts and 4 monster bone S to be handed in.
  • Sandy Plains: The first sub-camp can be found in the ruins to the right of zone 3 and the bottom of zone 7, with the request being to slay 8 Kestodon in the region. The second sub-camp is a bit trickier, where it is located in an enclosed area that can only be accessed via the crevices between zone 8 and zone 9. For this particular request, the player will need to give Kagero a Lagombi Pelt and 2 Monster bone M.
  • Flooded Forest: This biome only has one sub-camp, and it is located on top of a column covered by foliage in zone 11. Access the location via climbing up the vines covering its cliff sides. The request that needs completion is similar to the request of other regions, needing 8 Wroggi to be slain at the Flooded Forest.
  • Lava Caverns: Last but not least, the lava caverns. This first sub-camp can be found at the top layer of the map at zone 10, on a mass of land formulated by igneous rocks facing the volcano. Kagero will need the player to defeat 8 Uroktor in the area before he can unlock this camping site. As for the second sub-camp, the location can be found in zone 6, above some land of slight elevation sheltered by a fence made of rocks and thin plantations. The request associated with this quest needs the player to hand in a Tetranodon Hide alongside 2 Monster Bone L.

This covers all of the sub-camps in Monster Hunter Rise, and will hopefully prove to be of assistance to players wanting to access zones in each respective biomes at a much quicker pace.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on Nintendo Switch and the PC.

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