Are Any YouTube Boxers In Undisputed? – Jake Paul, Salt Papi & More

Can you challenge "The Problem Child" in Undisputed?

by Shaun Cichacki

With countless years since the last excellent Boxing game came to market, fans are undeniably excited for Undisputed to be available finally. However, while many things have changed in the sweet science, nothing has been more polarizing than the rise of YouTube boxers hoping to make a name for themselves on the scene.

While most look at these events as the spectacles that they are and forget about it shortly after, a new generation of fans have been undeniably influenced to love the sport through these particular influencers. But, will fans have the opportunity to play as any of them in Undisputed, or will they be limited to just our screens and Pay-Per-Views?

Can You Play As YouTube Boxers in Undisputed?

For puritans of the sport, they will be happy to know that there are currently no YouTube boxers on the roster of this particular simulation title. However, with the option to Create A Fighter, there will undeniably be a large swath of them being created by passionate fans.

No matter if gamers are looking for a chance to finally see the horrifically unrealistic Jake Paul versus Canelo Alvarez battle come to life, or have Deontay Wilder deliver another round of swift justice to Charlie Zelenoff once again, players are bound to find ways to introduce these types of media figures into the game.

It seems that the developers at Steel City Interactive are more interested in bringing actual legendary figures of the Boxing Community into this title, so it seems that Salt Papi DLC is quite unlikely. To be fair, it can be quite fun to watch members of these communities square up against members in their same skill brackets, but having them as DLC or additions to the roster would feel a bit silly at this point.

With the sheer number of Game Modes available — or soon to be available — in Undisputed, we can’t rule out some Community made YouTube Boxing themed championships. But, thankfully, Multiplayer exists and gives players the perfect chance to lay these caricatures out on the canvas. You may not need to even worry about Stamina by the time you’ve finished one of them off.

Undisputed is available now in Early Access on PC. It will be available at a later date on Consoles.

- This article was updated on January 31st, 2023